It’s All About Glamour

Floral Arrangements By A Baker Floral & Gifts

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December weddings are all about holiday glamour. These centerpieces, put together by A Baker Floral & Gifts, capture the spirit of the season and hit at a variety of price points. Not getting married in December? You’ll still want to take a look. These gorgeous arrangements could also bring Christmas splendor to your home.

1. Pretty Poinsettia.

A 4-inch poinsettia plant is placed in a gold container accented with a silver bow. Price: $12.50.

Variations: These little plants can also be wrapped in any fabric that would complement the wedding scheme; the poinsettias could be replaced with other kinds of plants.

2. Wonder Vases.

Gather three cylinder vases, one taller than the others. Fill one with red marbles and an LED light, one with silver ornaments, and one with white pearled wire and a floating candle. Accent with red and green pampas grass and gold pinecones. Price: $25.

Variations: Only your imagination limits what might go in the vases. One nice look would be to have one of the three filled with floating flowers such as dendrobium or miniature cymbidium orchids. Place the vases on a mirror for an enhanced effect.

3. Elegant Willow.

Top a curly willow tree with white dendrobium orchid blossoms accented with silver glitter and skirted with white netting. Price: $15.

Variations: The curly willow can be any height and topped with other flowers, so long as they are not heavy. Choose a skirting to match the wedding, and once again, add a mirror to enhance the look.

4. Gathered Fruit.

A large vase of Granny Smith and Gala apples accented with silver flat wire, pine and cedar twigs. Price: $30.

Variations: Use pomegranates or other fruit. A large cylinder vase would also work well.

5. Orchid Dream.

An LED light highlights green cymbidium orchids floating upward toward a large arrangement of white dendrobium orchids, green cymbidium orchids and white hydrangea nestled in white pampas grass accented with bear grass and leather leaf. Price: $135.

Variations: Instead of pampas grass, use Star of Bethlehem and bear grass with white dendrobium orchids in the base.

The official flower of December is the poinsettia, also known as the Mexican flame or Christmas star.

* Prices are estimates from A Baker Floral & Gifts and are subject to change.