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November 2011

Rum, Apples And Cinnamon Unite

Dear Fancy Bar Chef, With the falling of the leaves comes the beautiful fall weather when my husband and I enjoy our homemade cider. We love pumpkin, squash, nuts, apples, cinnamon and clove along with almost any fall flavor. I was…

Phone Home

Control Your TV From Your Phone// // // // // // // Life just gets easier and easier. Forty years ago, the remote control was another person in the room you could tell to change the TV channel. Of course,

Chili Days Ahead

It’s getting colder and you’re getting busier. You need a one-pot meal to feed the masses — family, guests or anyone coming over to your house for a little grub. It doesn’t have to be complicated or get every piece of equipment in the…

Grit and Glitz

When the tour buses and camera crews of the television show “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” rolled up in Joplin last month, an estimated 10,000 volunteers from across the country poured in to help. They worked day and night to build seven…