Tequila Proves It’s Worth As A Winter Warm-Up

Dear Fancy Bar Chef,

Every year when the holidays roll around, I love drinking hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps or flavored coffees as we munch on fudge and cookies. This year, I want something new and different that I can sip on as I sit in front of the fireplace or serve to family and friends. Can you help us from dying of thirst this holiday season?


Cold and Thirsty


Dear Cold and Thirsty,

I laughed aloud when you asked me to help keep you from dying of thirst and it made me think of a dry and hot desert … which, of course, made me think of the perfect elixir to keep those bellies warm this holiday season: tequila.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, tequila. I know I have changed some of your minds out there in the past with some refreshing tequila drinks, but now I offer a creamy and delectable concoction I call Leche Loco.

I know tequila may not sound like a very traditional holiday spirit, but once it is mixed with Kahlúa and Bailey’s Irish Cream, it will have you singing “Feliz Navidad!”

I like this cocktail on the rocks but some may prefer to serve it up in a fancy stemmed cocktail glass drizzled with chocolate. It’s also a great extra “something special” to add to a cup of coffee. It can even be downed as a shot, for those in a hurry.

I hope this helps you and yours to stay warm and cozy this holiday season.

Go crazy folks!


The Fancy Bar Chef

The Recipe

Leche Loco

1½ ounces tequila (I prefer a golden tequila)

1½ ounces Kahlúa

1½ ounces Bailey’s Irish Cream

Shake then strain either on the rocks or up, or unchilled in a cup of coffee.

Screen-shot-2011-12-13-at-9.54.00-AMAaron Brown tends bar at Bleu Restaurant & Wine Bar in downtown Columbia and at The Bridge in the North Village Arts District. Every month you can find him in the pages of Inside Columbia, concocting tasty drinks you can make at home. Follow the Fancy Bar Chef on Facebook (www.facebook.com/fancybarchef) and Twitter (@roontaaron).