Design Tips: Area Rugs

The easiest and fastest way to refresh any room is to unroll a new area rug. Add personality and charm in a matter of seconds with these eye-catching trends for 2012. Designers are revamping familiar patterns into contemporary styles that will match any aesthetic. Apply just one trend for a speedy spruce-up, or combine two or three to give your home an avant-garde feel. Either way, rugs can be an artistic addition that keeps your home’s décor from unraveling.

Vivid Colors

Whether on the catwalk or on your living room floor, bold pops of color are all the rage. Bright, tropical shades such as orange, teal and aqua anchored in neutral grays and tans are hitting showroom floors across the country. On the other end of the color spectrum, natural hues remain popular, says Betsy Ames, a design consultant at Carpet One. Designers are now producing rugs with blues, tans, greens and yellows as an homage to Mother Nature. For a modern twist, pick one color to splash across your floor, perhaps mirrored with accents in vases or throw pillows. To achieve a more relaxed vibe, stick to earth tones.

Bold Textures

After years of being denoted passé, wool is making a comeback in the rug world. Wool and other natural fibers, such as hemp, are many consumers’ material of choice. Aside from their eco-conscious qualities, these materials offer a rustic texture and neutral hue that synthetic fibers have trouble achieving. Designers are even turning to “leather and slick surfaces” to spice up the texture of rugs for 2012, says Ames. To maintain a classic and understated energy, choose a single-tone hemp rug. Add edginess and depth to your space by layering a bright accent rug over a neutral wool or other organic fiber rug.

Abstract Designs

For 2012, designers are using a “classic with an update” motif, breathing new life into traditional Oriental rugs by adding sumptuous, unexpected colors. Saturated in either jewel tones or neon shades, the rich color palette adds a modern edge to an old classic. Others have completely scrapped the typical Oriental look in favor of freeform concepts, such as off-kilter floral patterns. The newest style is geometric patterns, says Judi Groves, another design consultant at Carpet One. Sprinkle in rugs featuring squares or circles for an ultra-modern, ultra-chic upgrade to your home.