Shooters With A Sweet Surprise

Dear Fancy Bar Chef,

I’ve been going out a lot more with my friends, and they all take shots along with their beers and fancy drinks. I want to join in, but they usually drink something horrible such as Goldschlägger or Sambuca or, even worse, Jameson Irish whiskey. Please tell me you have an idea for me.

Ashley in Columbia

Dearest Ashley,

I feel your pain. It’s hard to find that ideal balance of flavor and something that’s not too boozy. Name-brand flavored spirits have made some vast improvements lately. One of my personal favorites is “loopy” by the Three Olives brand, which tastes amazingly just like Fruit Loops — yes, that breakfast favorite. I don’t know how they do it, and I don’t care. I just know it’s a miracle of science that is probably more important than landing on the moon.

The best mixture I have found so far is the loopy vodka with a bit of bar sour, cranberry juice and a touch of Red Bull — to give you that kick start (leave out the Red Bull if that’s not your thing).

Another nice combination is the loopy vodka with half-and-half or cream and a splash of grenadine.

So Ashley, get out there and don’t be afraid of trying different things.

The Fruit Loop Bomb
1½ ounces Three Olives Loopy vodka
¼ ounce bar sour
¼ ounce cranberry juice

Shake over ice and strain into a glass. Top with Red Bull.

Leftover Cereal Milk
1½ ounces Three Olives Loopy vodka
1 ounce half-and-half

Shake over ice and strain into a glass. Top with a splash of grenadine.

Both shooters can be served as cocktails on the rocks — just double the nonalcoholic ingredients.

Watch the Fancy Bar Chef as he concocts the Fruit Loop Bomb:

Aaron Brown tends bar at Bleu Restaurant & Wine Bar in downtown Columbia and at The Bridge in the North Village Arts District. Every month you can find him in the pages of Inside Columbia, concocting tasty drinks you can make at home. Follow the Fancy Bar Chef on Facebook ( and Twitter (@roontaaron).