Fresh Facials

Ditch the cucumbers and questionable green stuff for a modern, relaxing and rejuvenating facial. Exfoliated skin is happy skin, and these three fabulous facials all have one thing in common: They can be customized to give every skin type a radiant glow.

“Facials in general are very nourishing for the skin,” says Ericka Reiss, an esthetician at DeSpain Cayce Dermatology Center & Medical Spa. “They stimulate the skin and bring blood to the surface of the skin to bring that glow. It’s very beneficial in a variety of ways, even relaxing.”

We peeled back the layers of spa services in Columbia and found three fresh facials, just in time for spring.

The Spa Facial
The spa facial at DeSpain Medical Spa is an hour-long experience of deep, nourishing cleansing. Clients arrive at the medical spa and are subject to a brief consultation, where licensed estheticians discuss the skin needs of every client to customize the spa facial.

“We use SkinCeuticals products, which allow us to customize the spa facial with every person differently,” Reiss says. “We customize the facial, depending on your skin-care needs, and vary the levels of exfoliation and hydration for every client.”

Estheticians apply multiple levels of products and cleansers to achieve that healthy glow for their clients. The skin is cleansed twice to prepare it for the facial, followed by a customized exfoliating treatment, a steaming of the pores, a gentle but effective mask and ending with rich moisturizers full of antioxidants. Unsightly skin imperfections can be extracted during the process, and clients leave with advice on how to keep their skin healthy and radiant, Reiss says.

“We also administer a facial massage, a hand massage and a scalp massage to make it a relaxing experience,” she says.

Poly Organic Peel
Although not technically a facial by definition, Riversong Spa’s poly organic peel instantly brightens sun-damaged skin.

“Our poly organic peel is the most stimulating peel we offer,” esthetician Heather Mortimer says. “You instantly get a younger skin appearance by exfoliating and repairing the skin.”

To achieve this glow, estheticians at Riversong first cleanse the skin. Then, they apply the poly organic peel solution with a light and delicate touch. The peel solution is comprised of a variety of elements that brighten the skin.

“There are organic acids combined with antioxidants, lightening and brightening ingredients that are combined for a more brightening peel,” Mortimer says. “It’s kind of a lunchtime peel; you’re in, you’re out and you’re done.”

Similar to a deep peel, the poly organic peel removes layers of dead skin to reveal a healthier under layer. Clients will experience some light peeling and need to wear sunscreen for a day after receiving it, Mortimer says.

Customized Spa Facial
The customized spa facial at The Strand begins with an in-depth skin consultation. Before the facial even begins, clients fill out a brief skin questionnaire, identifying their skin-care needs and concerns they have about their skin’s overall health. Esthetician Yulia Goncharova then discusses her clients’ concerns with them.

“I make my decision based on that conversation and the form each client fills out,” Goncharova says. “Then, I customize the facial by looking at the skin type and skin condition.”

Estheticians at The Strand examine the skin after a thorough but gentle cleansing. They apply an exfoliating treatment if necessary, followed by a facial, neck and chest massage. After clients are relaxed, the esthetician applies a mask and leaves it on for about 10 minutes. When the mask is removed, a serum and moisturizer is applied to the skin.

“It’s a facial that anyone can get at any age,” Goncharova says. “The benefits aren’t age-specific. It’s very relaxing, and you get the skin looking good.”