Romantic Movies

Whenever Nicole Shelby wants to relive her Oct. 8, 2011 wedding to Jonathan Shelby — and she wants to all the time — she just pulls up the short highlight film their cinematographer made of the celebration. In just 4 minutes and 49 seconds, she gets to see all the emotions and happenings that made the day so amazing.

“The way the video captures the entire day is incredible,” Nicole says. “It’s something we can watch over and over, and it captures more expressions and moments than just pictures.”

The short film tells the wedding story with scenes from throughout the day, from setting up chairs before the ceremony to the sky lantern launch at the night’s end and from Jonathan’s first look at Nicole in her gown to their vigorous dance moves at the reception. The concise format makes it perfect for sharing on social media, and that, says the film’s creator Mike Ransdell, is what is driving demand for these highlight films.

“They’re easily shareable,” says Ransdell, co-owner of One Tree Photography and Cinema in Kansas City. “Nicole can put it on Facebook and have 20 people comment on it. People who were at the wedding get to relive it, and people who were not at the wedding get to feel like they’re a part of it.

“A wedding is such an important day,” he adds. “People want to share it.”

Nicole used various social media to share the link to the highlight film on Vimeo, a video-centric social networking site.

“Everyone who knows us says it completely shows how we are,” she says.

Nicole and Jonathan didn’t offer Ransdell much direction but just asked for something “cool” that showcased their personalities. Ransdell always matches the style of his wedding films to the couples, and while Nicole and Jonathan’s is vibrant and fun, he’s also done videos that are heartfelt and romantic.

“What really is the key to the whole thing is, ‘What’s the story of the day?’ ” he says.

Nicole + Jonathan | OTPC from One Tree Films on Vimeo.