Get the Fever

Local band, Jenny Teator and the Fevers is on a roll lately. In November of 2013, the band’s lead singer won Super Star Columbia. On Dec. 6, 2013, the band released their first album called“Jenny Teator and the Fevers.” The band is self-described by lead guitarist Zach Harrison as “an aggressive rock pop band with an affinity for groove and players melding rock and metal influences with new interests in jazzier approaches.” The band’s members each hail from Missouri and met while performing and working in the Columbia music scene. They officially formed in January 2013. “We are a six person band and each member comes from a different musical background, which makes it very interesting,” Teator says.

The band is made up of Rob Watson on drums, Ted Paletta on keys and backup vocals, Zach Harrison on lead guitar (Harrison also plays guitar for The Hipnecks, another Columbia band), Brad Leatherman on rhythm guitar and back up vocals, Cy McConnell on bass guitar and Jenny Teator on vocals and acoustic guitar. Paletta, Watson and Teator hail from St. Louis while McConnell and Leatherman are from Shelbina, Mo. and Harrison is from Kingdom City, Mo. Teator is self-taught and met Watson and McConnell while playing in a 90’s cover band called Soko’s Modern Life.  Harrison came up with the band’s name, after falling for the name of a song the band covered frequently — “Fever.” “We are young and I write my songs about experiences that happen to myself but also write them in a way that everyone can relate to because most of the time it is something that happens in our every day lives,” Teator says. “I basically write the bare bones of most of the songs through my acoustic guitar and then show the guys. From there, we all put it together and it becomes something new.”

One song speculates about the emotions occurring between two strangers at a bar as they exchange glances. “A lot of my inspiration has come through watching other amazing bands perform and learning from them as well,” Teator says. “I recently saw my idol Susan Tedeschi in concert and that made me really want to do everything I can to be successful in music.”

The band started the process of putting together a nine-track album in July of last year. Recording at the famed Mansion Studio in Columbia, the group recorded the bass and drums parts first and then individually recorded everything else. The songs on the debut album range in subject matter from the Clinton scandal to childhood memories. Guest player, Michael Schembre plays fiddle on one track called “Hypnotized.” “It’s been a long process, but it’s worth it in the end,” Teator says.

“The Columbia music scene is so inviting … this was where I really became a musician and had all of the opportunity and tools to do so,” Teator says “Anywhere else like St. Louis, it is so hard to get a show anywhere because it is much bigger.” Jenny Teator and the Fevers play at local venues including Mojo’s, The Bridge, The Blue Note and Roxy’s. Jenny Teator and the Fevers will perform on Jan. 17 at The Blue Note with The Thin Dimes and Mojo Roots.

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