The Ring’s The Thing

There are no rules for engagement rings in 2015. Some of the most coveted baubles are out-of-the-box stunners that fit the personality of the intended. Even couples who favor tradition are requesting updates to the established diamond ring. Here are five styles that are taking over ring fingers this season:

Colored Gems
Prince William presented Kate Middleton with a deep blue sapphire engagement ring in 2010. Since then, colored gems have been all the rage. Other celebrities such as Halle Berry, Blake Lively and Carrie Underwood have also opted for color. People who want to stand out from the crowd will fall in love with these vibrant sparklers. Diamonds in pink, canary yellow and champagne hues are an unconventional take on the classic stone. Rubies and emeralds are also popular. Pick your birthstone or favorite color to make the ring even more personal.

Unique Settings
The options for how to showcase your ring’s center stone seem endless. One of the latest trends is to have two or more metals, such as yellow gold, rose gold and platinum, together in the same ring. Couples are also seeking creative bands with twists, braids, flowers, bows and other intricate details. Jewelers are setting oval, marquise and emerald cut stones horizontally for a more contemporary look that also makes the gems appear larger. For an extra dose of dazzle, double-halo settings are trending. This style features two-tiers of smaller diamonds surrounding the main stone.

Stacked Bands
If wearing the same ring for a lifetime sounds a bit dull to you, the stackable engagement ring trend is the perfect solution. Combining many bands gives you more versatility than the standard single ring. You can go simple and streamlined, or mix and match different styles, colors and textures. Some choose a wider band as the focal point with more delicate bands on top and bottom. You can adjust the order and number of rings as often as you like to build distinct looks. Use the stack to tell a story. Add rings throughout your marriage to celebrate special events, such as milestone anniversaries or the birth of a child.

Rough Diamonds
For decades, engagement rings have highlighted cut, polished diamonds. But now, rough diamonds are in demand. The untouched stones have a pebble-like appearance. They are trending for their unique shapes and original beauty. No two raw diamonds are exactly the same, so they provide the ultimate in exclusiveness. Couples who find character in imperfection are drawn to these rustic diamonds. To get the best of both worlds, consider surrounding a natural center stone with smaller, polished diamonds.

Ancient Chinese legend says that pearls hold the glow and mystery of the moon. They evoke elegance and romance in engagement rings. Like diamonds, pearls come in various sizes, colors and types. Cultured freshwater and Akoya pearls offer a classic appeal. Tahitian pearls are eye-catching with their exotic dark black, silver, green and peacock coloring. South Sea pearls come in white and gold. They are the largest pearls on the market.