Wedding Dresses Hues


Here comes the bride, all dressed in … ivory?

The days when pure white was the only color in the wedding gown palette are gone, says to Jessica Card, owner of Columbia bridal shop Belle Mariée. Card explains why more and more women are choosing nonwhite wedding dresses, and it has nothing to do with notions of purity.

“Traditions have changed for brides over the years,” she says. “I think most brides just want to look their best on their big day and pure white dresses don’t always accommodate all skin tones. A bridal gown is also an expression of the bride’s personality so that is being brought out in not only the cut and style of a dress but the color.”

For the most part, wedding dress color remains subtle. Card says that ivory and nude are the top-selling colors in her shop. “But light gold is very close behind,” she adds. “We are seeing pinks and light blues on the runway but it’s not something that I feel has really caught on in the Midwest yet.”

Is this new view on hue sparking any battles between traditional-minded moms and the modern bride?

“We do see some conflict,” Card says, “but most mothers and grandmothers are surprised to hear that the dress the bride has tried on is actually ivory and not pure white. The eye can play tricks on people unless you have a pure white dress to compare it to.”

Wedding dress color can present itself in other ways, too. Although Angelina Jolie’s dress featuring embroidered versions of her children’s drawings was an extreme version of the colorfully trimmed wedding gown, brighter shades are popping up on gowns everywhere.

“We are seeing designers adding color in the detail of dresses,” Card says. “We have one that used rose gold threading for embroidering and trim work. Also, we are seeing color in the crystals and glitz of the gowns. Brides may also choose to bring color in with their headpiece and jewelry.”

With so many colorful gown options available for today’s bride, her opportunity for personalization and self-expression are greater than ever.