And Now For Something Completely Different

The Texas Tenors will be bringing their unique vocal stylings to the Missouri Theater on June 12, 2015.

The Texas Tenors will be bringing their unique vocal stylings to the Missouri Theater on June 12, 2015.

Ready to broaden your musical horizons? This is the month to do it! Three June shows offer a great opportunity to explore genres that are off the beaten path of your well-trod Pandora stations.

The Texas Tenors bring back their unique blend of country, gospel, classical and Broadway style to the Missouri Theatre on June 12. In 2010, after a performance that earned them the sobriquet of The No. 1 vocal group in the history of Americas Got Talent,’ ” the Tenors, while still touring extensively, found a home in Branson. It was there they were named the 2011/2012 Critics Choice Group of the Year.

 The group formed in 2009, led by J.C. Fisher, who holds a masters degree in music from Wichita State University. While struggling as a television actor and singer, Fischer paid the bills by performing a one-man show on cruise ships. It was while entertaining the diverse cruise ship audiences that he got the idea of forming a group that would feature a variety of genres bound together by lush orchestral arrangements.

He recruited his friends Marcus Collins and John Hagen and formed the Texas Tenors. Collins, who specializes in pop music and show tunes, was a successful performer in musical theater and television. Hagen is a classical vocalist who sings opera. As the Texas Tenors, the three have devised an act that allows them to show off their individual talents in various styles as well as their collective skill.

Hes been called the RZA — and maybe even GZA — of Odd Future (short for Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All), Tyler the Creator (Tyler Okonma) is that alternative hip-hop crewspokesman, emcee and producer. Hell be performing at The Blue Note on Sunday, June 21Just 21 years old, Okonma was raised by a progressive single mom in South Los Angeles. His claim of having attended 12 schools in 12 years helps explain the ebullience and adaptive wit that make him such a lovable, charismatic performer in a genre noted for thuggish lyrics and often violent behavior. In 2007, Tyler began making music with Odd Futures core members — Earl Sweatshirt, Left Brain, and Hodgy Beats — and by summer 2010, their bizarre, surreal and filthy material had earned them a loyal following.

It was during that year that a video Tyler directed for the Odd Future track French took off, topping a million views by December and drawing attention to the crew-related mixtapes that followed, (including Tylers own, Bastard). In 2010, he was signed to the XL label and released Goblin, the first Odd Future-related product to be released through the usual music industry channels.

Wolf followed in 2013, with Left Brain and Frank Ocean returning as guests. Tyler has at the same time become an in-demand music video director as well as creator and star of a new Adult Swim sketch show. Last year, Okonma designed and debuted his new line of streetwear and sneakers: the Golf Wang collection, which he describes as being made with 100 percent seriousness and cotton.

Since opening a few years ago, North Villages aptly named The Bridge has reached out and reconnected Columbia to Midwestern markets both large and small. Back in the days before social networking, the only way for bands of a certain echelon to establish fan bases outside of their own area was through constant touring. Columbias proximity to Interstate 70 made us a regular stop for these bands roaming from, say, North Carolina to Colorado or from Dallas to Chicago. This tradition of playing host to under-the-radar acts while they paid their dues nurtured special relationships with such meaningful acts as The Jack Williams Band (since the 1970s and still touring!), Alex Chilton (from the1980s until his untimely death a few years ago) and continues with artists like Steve Earle and Lucinda Williams, who make it a point to visit regularly.

The high-altitude town of Fort Collins, Colo., is home to just such a band: the sibling sounds of SHEL, who will be stopping by The Bridge for a concert on Friday, June 26. SHEL is made up of four sisters raised in an atmosphere of creative freedom who have honed their musical skills as a vocal group with outstanding instrumental skills.

SHEL has come of age on the road playing clubs like The Bridge. From their fetching, unpredictable songs to their whimsical, handmade top hats, SHEL tries hard to make a deep impression, which translates to an ever-growing, ever-enthusiastic fan base.

Kevin (aka Kelvin) Walsh considers himself a student of musics effect on people. Since moving to Columbia in 1975, his professional ventures have included music retailer, radio show host and a brief stint as Truman the Tiger. He currently hosts The (So-Called) Good Life from 3 to 6 p.m. every Wednesday on KOPN-FM 89.5 and streaming live at