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September 2015


“Made in the USA” is a badge of honor proudly borne by the products of the American manufacturing sector. Did you know that many of those “Made in the USA” goods are produced right here in Boone County?


Bartenders Rich Trippler and Aaron Rostad were enjoying some whiskey at the bar at Sycamore restaurant when they came up with the idea for a pop-up cocktail business. That same evening, Rostad came up with the name, CoMingle573, and set up…


Growing up in Joplin, Andrew Grabau discovered early in life that people all around him were struggling. “I knew friends at school, families at church, folks at my first job as a teen sacking groceries at a local grocery store


When was the last time you paid for something with cash? We live in a world where paying with plastic is considered the norm — whether you’re making a $5 or a $500 purchase — and it’s likely been awhile since some of us have even paid for a…

Enduring Style

Celeste Hardnock was fresh out of college when she decided to go for her dream and opened a women’s fashion boutique on Broadway. Now, 39 years later, she’s still living that dream at My Sister’s Circus.

Fuel Your Morning

Love oatmeal? Try these variations made with milk and old-fashioned oatmeal. Together, milk and oats make a breakfast powerhouse delivering protein and other key nutrients.

Brad & Angelina’s Wine

It’s tailgate season, time to raise a toast to Tiger football glory. Put a special Mizzou stamp on your spread with a refreshing rosé from the vineyard of MU dropout Brad Pitt. Château Miraval Côtes de Provence Rosé shot to the top…

Beauty & The Brews

L.G. PATTERSON There’s no better way to celebrate the end of a workweek than getting together with friends and indulging in a cold brew. We invited four of Columbia’s young professionals — all members of EPIC (Emerging…