Look Before You Leap

Tradition and superstition have ruled wedding ceremonies for centuries, but over the past few years, modern couples have been making room for new ideas. One of these trends is the popular “first look,” which is when couples see each other for the first time before the wedding. Although this rejects any superstition that curses couples who see each other in their wedding garb before the ceremony, brides and grooms are realizing not only the photo-album bragging rights that come with capturing this intimate and emotional moment, but also the scheduling benefits of getting photos done before the wedding and reception.

Have we left behind the days when the newlyweds and their wedding party had to miss out on a good hour of the party as wedding guests sit around taking advantage of the open bar? Perhaps. There is no denying that there can be an awkward, and often lengthy, time gap while the newlyweds and their wedding party pose for photographs. As BridalGuide.com points out, taking “first look” photos means that all photos can be taken before the wedding and everyone can go straight to the celebration — even the very people who are being celebrated!

More couples are now opting for the “first look” to have a few precious moments to remember the purpose of their special day before all of the whirlwind festivities begin. According to wedding expert Colin Cowie’s website, ColinCowieWeddings.com, a first look before the ceremony is every bit as exciting and romantic as seeing your beloved for the first time on the aisle. For many couples, this may be the moment to ease any prewedding jitters stemming from anticipation of the momentous event. What better way to calm your nerves than seeing the person who is in all of this with you?

The “first look” is not for everyone, but it provides an opportunity to capture a beautifully private and intimate moment for two people committing their lives to each other, and makes the day’s schedule just a little bit easier.