The Mighty Acorn

Before most of us start digging in flowerbeds and garden boxes at our homes, farmers are busy reviewing records from the previous year, attending regional grower conferences, ordering seeds, and preparing beds to plant.FM

Columbia Farmers Market growers John Corn and Sandy Gummersheimer of Mighty Acorn Farm work tirelessly on their farm two miles northwest of Columbia to grow early varieties of greens in their hoop house, prepare beds, and plant for a summer harvest. They also place row cover and plastic mulch down for plants such as onions that don’t fare well against competition and require a secure environment to grow.

Spring is not only a time for agricultural growth on their farm. The biodiverse landscape of their land provides homeland to many different animals. Some are welcome such as the ground-nesting Killdeer, while others such as White-Tailed Deer bring a voracious appetite to the farm decimating crops.

FM2Weather plays a large role in the success of farmers. Last year brought torrential rains and flooding to the state of Missouri. Local farmers like John and Sandy struggled to get into their fields to prepare and plant their beds. Plants that made it into the ground failed to grow due to being constantly inundated with water and receiving little sunlight. So far this year, the sun is shining, crops are sprouting, and farmers are busy at work in their fields preparing the harvest to bring from their farm to you.