Canny Choices

The weather is nice, and we want to get outside. As with many activities, a good beer usually only enhances the experience. Lucky for us, there is a serious selection of quality, refreshing options available to tag along with you on your next Katy Trail hike or picnic at the park (only when and where alcoholic beverages are allowed, of course). Even better, these options are all available in cans — easily recyclable and no worries about broken glass.

Here are some “no-brainer” choices for spring and summertime quaffing.

Bell’s Oberon

A drinkable wheat with a touch of orange and just enough hops to give the beer a clean, refreshing finish. Available in cans for the next few months, this beer is criminally easy to drink. Even beer dorks such as myself look forward to its release every year. It’s quite possibly the best summer seasonal beer on the market.


Four Hands Single Speed Session Ale

An interesting blond ale that’s available year-round, but really shines when you bring a six-pack along on your next outdoor adventure with friends. A hint of jasmine adds a slightly floral character to a beer that might be considered just a touch “sweet.” Even better, at about 5 percent alcohol, you are safe drinking more than one.


Logboat Shiphead

Another great beer from a great Columbia brewery, this one is an ultra-satisfying wheat with a decent helping of ginger that keeps the beer bright and clean. This beer pairs well with snacks or a light supper in the park. Just as ginger complements sushi, the ginger in this beer keeps your palate clean and refreshed.

Of course, while on the trails and in the parks, be sure to pack out everything you pack in.