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A Way To Garden With Margaret Roach

One of America’s best-known garden writers, Margaret Roach shares organic gardening, garden-to-table cooking and nature topics on this show produced by NPR-affiliate Robin Hood Radio. Podcasts feature engaging interviews with horticulturists, garden designers, nursery owners, cookbook authors and more.

The Native Plant Podcast

Equal parts entertainment and advice, this podcast features a lively exchange between John McGee of The Native Plant Nursery in Middleburg, Va., and his “brother in beer,” Jesse Turner. Special guests, like Southern Living’s “Grumpy Gardener,” show up to share sage advice, too.

You Bet Your Garden

Organic gardening junkies will get the most from this weekly “hour of ‘chemical-free horticultural hijinks,’ ” hosted by Mike McGrath, author and former editor-in-chief of Organic Gardening magazine. This nationally syndicated NPR show airs out of WHYY-FM in Philadelphia.

Extension On The Go | Tips & Advice From MU Extension

From container gardening tips to advice on how to amend Missouri’s tough clay soil to how to deal with pesky moles and voles tunneling through your flowerbeds, our own in-town experts offer weekly tidbits that are always relevant for mid-Missouri gardeners.

Vegetable Gardening with Mike “The Gardener”

Mike Podlesny — a third-generation gardener, author and blogger — offers daily “tips, tricks and techniques from leading gardening industry experts” about all things related to cultivating vegetables.

5 “Grow-To” Apps

Garden Answers Plant Identification

The No. 1 downloaded gardening application on iTunes since its 2013 launch, this tool provides state-of-the-art visual search technology to help gardeners identify and learn about more than 20,000 plants in its database. The easy keyword search function provides expert advice about more than 200,000 commonly asked plant and gardening questions.

Available on iTunes; free

The Garden Compass

Garden Compass gets 5-star reviews for its ability to help identify pests, diseases and plants. You can also snap and send a photo, and the experts will get back to you with plant or pest IDs and how to handle the problem. The app also provides help with design, plant orders and finding local retailers.

Available on iTunes; free

Sprout It

This customizable gardening helper offers step-by-step vegetable and herb-growing advice based on location and garden type. The app is chockfull of tips, seasonal care reminders, design help, weather alerts and more. It is sponsored by Miracle Gro, but not a commercial.

Available on iTunes; free

Garden Design Ideas 100++ Home Garden Design Ideas

Both apps, available for Android devices, offer hundreds of beautifully photographed and curated designs and decorations for all types of gardens, spaces and features that are guaranteed to inspire you to up your home’s outdoor game. You can save or share images with others.

Available on Google Play; free

iScape Free Landscape Designs

You can create a digital model of your yard with the app and experiment with various plants and their placement before your shovel ever turns dirt. It’s a great tool for DIY gardeners or to share ideas with young professional landscapers.

Available free on iTunes and Google Play; a more sophisticated version is $9.99


“Ask an Expert” MU EXTENSION

Fill in the easy online form; attach a photo of your pest or planting question or problem, if you like. Click “Submit Your Question,” and you will receive an email reply from an MU Extension expert. I know this first-hand, trying to identify a pesky growth on an ailing oak tree last summer. Within 24 hours, I received great advice via email from a horticulturist who answered my follow-up questions, too.

Go to and click on “Ask an Expert” (look for the menu at the bottom of the page).