“Main” Focus

West Main Pizza2 — or “West Main Pizza squared” — debuted earlier this year at 923 E. Broadway. The restaurant is an offshoot of Jefferson City-based West Main Pizza. But unlike the Jefferson City original, which is a full-service pizza restaurant, the CoMo location is a streamlined, fast-casual concept.

“Our focus is on customer service, freshness and speed,” says Jessica Christiansen, who owns the eatery along with her husband and father-in-law. “Our ingredients are sliced fresh every morning. Sometimes more than once a day!” All the dough is made in-house from a proprietary family recipe.

Although West Main Pizza2 offers a selection of six signature pizzas and three signature salads, the eatery emphasizes customer creativity. Customers are encouraged to “craft your own,” choosing as many pizza toppings or salad mix-ins as they like for $9. Half-salads are available for $5.50; add a drink for another dollar.

West Main Pizza2 offers more than 50 topping choices for pizza, including six cheeses, many sauces and spreads — such as barbecue or scratch-made garlic purée, proteins, vegetables and finishes. Christiansen says the myriad of topping options reflects her and her husband’s tastes. “He’s more of a meat eater and I’m more of veggie lover,” she says. And the Christiansens have plans for even more options: “We want to evolve to do a feature pizza every week,” she says.

Pizzas can be prepared with a choice of three doughs: traditional, whole wheat or gluten-free. The gluten-free dough adds $1 to the price and is not recommended for people with extreme gluten intolerances, as cross-contamination could occur. (Diners should also be aware that some dishes are prepared with eggs, shellfish, nuts and wheat.) The thin-crust pizzas are a distinctive oblong shape, about 16 inches long. Don’t expect a lengthy wait for your personalized pizza perfection — the pizza cooks in less than three minutes. “Our goal is for your pizza to be ready by the time you’ve paid,” Christiansen says.

Diners can also personalize their salads, choosing from four different leaves and more than 35 “mix-ins” of proteins, cheeses, vegetables, nuts and grains. Dressing choices are house, ranch or balsamic. Add an order of garlic cheesy breadsticks for $7 or an order of gluten-free garlic cheesy breadsticks for $10. In addition to soda and tea, the restaurant offers several beers on tap, including Shiphead, from local brewer Logboat Brewing Co.

West Main Pizza2 boasts a modern, clean décor with crisp black and white wallpaper and yellow metal chairs for a pop of color. On the back wall, there’s a roll of brown butcher paper with a handwritten message. “We like to change up the message,” Christiansen says. Eventually, the paper will tout that week’s feature pizza.