Movie Buffs’ “Boone”

Columbians are used to braving March’s inclement weather to attend the acclaimed True/False Film Fest. But about eight years ago, festival co-founder David Wilson had an idea: Why not take advantage of Columbia’s beautiful summer weather and stage a movie event then, too? With that, the Boone Dawdle was born.

“We thought it would be neat to do something in the summer and take advantage of the weather and the Katy and MKT trails, which are real gems of mid-Missouri,” Wilson says. The resulting event is a fun-filled bike ride to Les Bourgeois Vineyards’ Blufftop Bistro in Rocheport, with music, entertainment and surprises along the way. The ride is followed by a picnic, featuring locally sourced ingredients from suppliers such as the Columbia Center For Urban Agriculture, a concert, raffle and movie screening under the stars. A director Q&A session caps off the evening. This year’s concert will feature the band Bella Donna.

Although the Boone Dawdle raises valuable funds, it serves other purposes as well: “It’s a really good chance to get people back in the True/False mindset,” says Camellia Cosgray, operations director of True/False. “It helps remind people that we’re around.”

The event also acts as a practice run for True/False. “It’s a lot less intense and allows us to experiment,” Cosgray says. Wilson concurs, saying that the Boone Dawdle offers a chance to do staff training in preparation for the March main event. “We have returning staff but we’re always adding staff, too, and it’s nice for them to be able to participate in something a little smaller,” he says.

Unlike True/False, which frequently showcases films with serious subjects, the Boone Dawdle selection is decidedly lighter. “We went through a short list of about a half-dozen films looking for something that would be fun to watch after very long bike ride,” Wilson says.

According to Cosgray, there’s no formal selection committee as there is for True/False. Rather fest co-founders Wilson and Paul Sturtz and several other full-time staff make the movie selection. Cosgray’s not involved the selection process for True/False, so she relishes her role in the selection of the Boone Dawdle’s film. “I get to pretend I’m a programmer!” she says.

This year’s pick is “Contemporary Color, which Wilson says is a sort of concert film. Cosgray says, “It is a little bit different than what we usually do for the Boone Dawdle. It’s not quite a strictly narrative documentary. It’s little more light-hearted. A little more theatrical.”

The movie chronicles a unique musical happening that took place in the summer of 2015. Legendary musician David Byrne, of Talking Heads fame, staged an event at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center to celebrate the art of the color guard: synchronized dance routines involving flags, rifles and sabers. Recruiting performers such as Saint Vincent, Nelly Furtado, Ad-Rock and Ira Glass to collaborate on original pieces with 10 color guard teams from across the United States and Canada, “Contemporary Color” is a beautifully filmed snapshot of that one-of-a-kind live event.

The film’s co-directors, brothers Bill and Turner Ross, will be in from New Orleans for the Q&A session after the screening, which promises to be enlightening and entertaining. “They’re really fun, really good directors,” Wilson says.

Although people can opt to forgo the bike ride and just head to Les Bourgeois for the evening’s activities, those making their way by bike can count on a fun, festive ride full of surprises.

“We always try to find places along the trail where we can add things,” says Cosgray. “Certain stops are really popular but we don’t want things to get stale. We work every single year on figuring out ways to change things up. We’ll be adding a new stop this year, that’ll be something for people to look forward to.”

Sounds like people can “gear up” for a good time.

For more information about the Boone Dawdle on Aug. 13 click here.