Assignment: Cocktails

The Location: Recess Inc. Studio

On occasion, local restaurants ask me to photograph food or cocktails for use in publicity material. This type of work is fun, not because of the benefits of getting leftovers, but because of the prep that goes into one photograph (besides, when I finish with them they are usually not something you would put in your mouth).

The process seems simple: I am given a drink and I have to make it look pretty.

It’s not that simple; getting a photograph of one drink can take as long as one hour. Lighting is usually the first thing I worry about, and I take a lot of test shots before the actual shooting starts. When I finally get a test shot that is close to what I want, it’s time to really start shooting.

Food and drinks fade quickly, so I need to make sure I have things ready to roll once they hit the table. When I have the photo made, it’s time to play.

On this particular shoot, I had my intern throw a strawberry into this martini because I wanted to get the splash. It took a few times to get it right, but I was happy with the result.