Wine By Design

The Les Bourgeois Vineyards Collector’s Series celebrates the marriage of art and winemaking. The winery’s annual art competition showcases the work of three selected Missouri artists on the labels of special wines created by LBV winemakers. This year’s wines, unveiled at a release party last month, run the gamut of red, white and pink.

2015 Vignoles/Traminette

This 50-50 blend of Vignoles and Traminette is a sweet white wine with a heady floral aroma, underscored by peach and apricot notes. Apricot flavor dominates with some peachy sweetness, making it a good choice for desserts or fruit and cheese plates. But you don’t have to save it for the end of the meal; it also pairs well with grilled salmon, pan-fried trout and any style of shrimp. Serve well-chilled to icy cold.

Graphic designer Sarah Leituala of Columbia created the digital illustration Suitcase for the label artwork.

2015 Dry Rosé

For a refreshing summer pleaser, chill a few bottles of LBV’s Dry Rosé, made from the little-known St. Vincent grape that may be familiar to fans of the winery’s Fleur de Vin blend. As a rosé, the pretty pink wine flies solo quite well, offering a delicate strawberry-raspberry aroma and flavor. It has a tart cranberry kick to it on the finish. Serve well-chilled at summer picnics and fall tailgates. You might want to stash away a bottle for Thanksgiving, too.

Columbian Rodney Burlingame’s acrylic painting, Conductor, adorns the label.

2014 Merlot

Les Bourgeois’ winemakers have created a seductive red with their take on American Merlot. A ripe berry aroma leads to a dark fruit flavor of cherries and blackberries with a touch of raspberry and plum. This is a very smooth wine. Moderate tannins on the finish give the wine a pleasant boldness, and that’s a nice surprise from this varietal — it stands up well to grilled meats, barbecue and other patio fare.

Boonville painter Casey Wendleton created the acrylic on canvas for the label artwork, Where the Moon Don’t Shine.