Win, Lose, Draw

We know you’ve got your beer tailgating choices covered when the Tigers are home at Faurot Field, but what about when they hit the road? Here are a few brews to watch for when you head south or east with Mizzou this football season (including one local favorite of mine).

I’ll mention a couple of can’t-miss, out-of-town beers you can find on the road following the Tigers this fall, but first I have to cheer for my favorite local session beer (session = very drinkable over a long period of time).


Logboat’s Mamoot is the no-brainer choice for your tailgating needs. It’s an easy drinking, full-bodied, mild brown ale that comes in at a surprisingly low 4 percent alcohol level. Yet this beer doesn’t drink “light,” easily standing up to traditional tailgating fare. Mamoot would be a great accompaniment to tailgate gumbo when the Tigers take on LSU Oct. 1 in Baton Rouge. The malt-forward nature of this beer deliciously complements an expertly made roux.

For great craft beers while tailgating out of town, here are a few other recommendations.  


This is a world-class IPA canned by the Florida-based Cigar City Brewery. Go easy: its bolder flavor and higher 7.5 percent alcohol might not be ideal for an all-day affair, but sharing a six-pack with friends or savoring this brew at a Mizzou victory after-party is definitely worthwhile. The beer packs bold citrus notes and a bitterness that will satisfy any hop lovers in your tailgating crew. Don’t forget, hop bitterness is great at cutting the fat in your sausages, burgers, barbecue and other standard football food you’ll encounter down South.


Dogfish Head Brewery — available in Florida, South Carolina and Tennessee — is the kind of brewery that craft-beer lovers like me seek out when we’re traveling. Their Namaste wheat, featuring touches of orange and lemongrass, is a

refreshing choice for a warmer weather tailgate. Want something bolder? Try the famous 90 Minute IPA. If its huge hops and 9 percent alcohol number intimidate you, bring a case back to Columbia. You’ll have no problem finding fellow beer aficionados to help you drink it!