Animal Companion Co-workers


Visionworks Marketing Group

204 Peach Way. Suite H |

When Visionworks owner Lili Vianello first started her business, she worked out of her home and had two dogs. That meant she had to ask prospective employees if they were OK with dogs. “It turned out to be a great indicator of the kind of person they were,” she says. She still asks the question.

Once her business moved to an office building, a co-worker acquired a puppy and asked if she could bring it in. That was followed by another co-worker with another puppy. At that point, Vianello wondered why she wasn’t bringing her own dogs to work.

Today she has three furry four-legged friends that she alternately brings into the office. (Her dad provides doggy daycare for whoever’s at home.) All three are rescues. Louie is a 3-year-old German Shepherd/Chow mix from the Humane Society; Clementine is a 6-year-old Basset Hound/Labrador mix from Second Chance, and Molly is a 4-year-old Terrier/Beagle mix from a rescue in Fayette called ARFF MO.

Vianello says Louie probably comes in the least often, since he developed a habit of barking at people. Molly probably comes in the most, since she’s just chill and sleeps all day. Vianello’s co-workers love having the dogs around. “Sometimes someone will take one of them out for a walk around the building. It’s a nice break,” she says.


White Dog Promotions 

3901 S. Providence Road, Suite A |

White Dog Promotions is, not surprisingly, named after a white dog — a mixed breed named “Doc.” Sadly, Doc passed away last year at 14, and now a second-generation white dog carries on in his place.

Four-year-old Addy is a pure white miniature Schnauzer but there’s nothing miniature about her personality. White Dog owner Kammie Teter says, “Addy adores everyone that works at White Dog, and comes in the door full of joyful crying (pretty much howling) as she greets the staff. She does the same thing with UPS, FedEx and other repeat visitors. Our FedEx guy taught her to shake hands and always gives her a treat, so she especially loves him. Some clients purposely stop by to say ‘hello’ to Addy. She has made many friends!”

Besides carrying the White Dog mantle, Addy’s featured on products that the company produces and in its ads and videos.


Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

22 N. Eighth St. |

Stop in to Realtor Berkshire Hathaway’s downtown offices and you’re likely to be greeted by Koda, Karen Bitaille’s 8-year-old rescue Golden Doodle, unless Penelope, Elaine McCoy’s 5-year-old Shih-Poo, happens to be in the office that day, too, and beats Koda to it.

“I’ve been bringing Koda in to work for six years, much more recently since I’m full-time,” Bitaille says. McCoy frequently brings in Penelope, although the little dog technically belongs to McCoy’s brother.

The two dogs get along well, and both women say their presence makes the office a better place. “People love having the dogs in the office,” Bitaille says.


My Sister’s Circus 

1110 E. Broadway

Dogs are definitely in fashion at My Sister’s Circus. Owner Celeste Hardnock has had a dog in her store for the past 18 years. Originally, it was a male Bichon Frise named Shindig. Currently, Hardnock’s canine companion is “Snugs,” a 6-year-old male Bichon Frise.

“He’s the official greeter,” Hardnock says, “He sleeps on a shelf by the front door,” the same shelf where Shindig used to sleep. “We brought Snugs in on that first day, and he just went right to the same shelf,” she says.