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January 4, 2019

Tucked-away Thai

A flashing, red neon sign in the window of a hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Alley A reads, “Open now;” signaling that Big Mama Chim is back at a new location in downtown Columbia. On a chilly January night, or any night really, she can be…

Aging Gracefully

At some point in our lives we become primary caregivers for an aging family member. My most recent patient wasn’t a parent or a pet. It was a Pontiac. From the tow truck’s shotgun seat, looking through a shoebox-sized side mirror at my…

The Versatility of Meatloaf

Sometimes in the cold of winter, you need an easy dish you can make on a Monday and have for three or four meals throughout the week. Meatloaf is that dish. It is as easy or as complicated as you want. You can toss in ketchup, bread and…