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July 1, 2022

Hiking fashion

Hiking the Trails: Get the Gear for a Tremendous Trek

Styled by Madelyn Jones | Photos by L.G. Patterson Mid-Missouri is a fantastic place to hit the trails. Whether you’re still a beginner, just starting to learn about the available terrain, or an experienced hiker who knows the secret spots to find the best views, one thing is certain: the right equipment is key. We […]

Mural in the North Village Arts District

A New View: First Fridays

Assignment: First Fridays The Location: North Village Arts District If you haven’t experienced the festivities at First Friday in the North Village Arts District, you’re missing out on a fun evening. I think everyone should make it a point to head over and see how that area comes to life during the twilight hours once a month. […]

Anna Smith and Joe Langworthy wedding

A Columbian Celebration

Photography by Captured by Kt (Katie Dahle) Anna Smith and Joe Langworthy made their wedding a celebration of all things Columbia. While attending college at Mizzou, Joe met and befriended Anna’s brother, which is how they first met. But it wasn’t until a few years later, when Anna came to Columbia to work at MU […]

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Biking Beats: 5 Songs to Listen to on the Trail

Photos by L.G. Patterson WELCOME TO OUR NEW ULTIMATE LISTS! In each issue, you will find a curated selection of things to listen to or watch, put together by either an on-air talent from Zimmer Communications or a member of the Inside Columbia staff. For this inaugural list, Scotty Cox has shared his ultimate playlist […]

Erik Zachary from Y107 and Liz from Clear99

A Friendly Competition: Who Wields Chopsticks Like A Pro?

Photos by L.G. Patterson Each issue, two on-air talents from two different Zimmer Communications’ stations will take on a seemingly simple challenge to see who comes out on top. This issue, Liz from Clear99 and Erik Zachary from Y107 compete to see who has the better chopsticks chops. THE CHALLENGE You have one minute to […]

Brook Harlan shows his muffuletta

Craving a New Orleans Specialty

Photos by L.G. Patterson If you take a trip to New Orleans, the muffuletta from Central Grocery is a must have. And, after you’ve had one, it apparently becomes a craving that you just have sometimes. I have some friends who were having a baby and, as they went into labor, the muffuletta craving hit. […]

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Use Green Chartreuse to Craft a Temptingly Tart Treat

Photos by L.G. Patterson When it came to green chartreuse, I absolutely hated it when I first started working at Günter Hans. The flavors were all wrong and unfamiliar to my whiskey and beer-loving self. If I were to drink a cocktail, it would have only been an old-fashioned or a whiskey sour. Then, one […]

Terri Stanley and Sara Fougere

A PTA Pleaser: Shrimp and Pasta Salad Recipe Sure to Delight

Photos by L.G. Patterson A few years ago, at a PTA salad luncheon, someone brought the most wonderful shrimp and pasta salad. It was all the things: crunchy, creamy and full of shrimp and vegetables. I found myself going back for a second helping and doing what caterers do, breaking down the recipe in my […]

Healthy cocktails

The Best Ways to Add Nutrients to Your Favorite Indulgences

Photos by L.G. Patterson Healthy drinking — it’s hard to think the two can be talked about together because alcohol is toxic no matter how you use it, but there are ways to incorporate nutrients while enjoying an adult beverage. Alcohol in any form is going to be a toxin to your body. If you […]

Banned/challenged books

Skylark Offers New Subscription to Support Freedom to Read

Photos by L.G. Patterson The freedom to read is something that’s held particularly dear at Skylark Bookshop. So when reports of banned and challenged books began to increase, staff members took note. Just last year, there were more than 700 reported book challenges in the United States, according to the American Library Association’s annual State […]

Laurie Kingsley and Paul Wagner at Gallery 717

Gallery 717 Encourages All to View, Contribute and Take Miniature Art

Photos by L.G. Patterson Many communities have adopted the concept of little free libraries over the past decade, small boxes installed in neighborhoods that encourage anyone to take or bring books. But it’s not that common to see an art gallery version. Unless you frequent the area near Rollins Road and Westport Drive in Columbia. […]


Best of Columbia 2022

Photos by L.G. Patterson Welcome to our annual Best of Columbia awards, where we celebrate the people, places and activities that make our community truly special. While we are always on the lookout for the true standouts among the CoMo community, it’s you, our readers, who help us find these amazing people and businesses, and it’s you […]

Shelly La Fata

Pasta La Fata Makes A New Home

Photos by L.G. Patterson It’s been nearly six years since Shelly La Fata held a pop-up event at Cafe Berlin, selling giant, hand-made toasted ravioli and marking the official start of Pasta La Fata. And after several phases, from pop-up to community kitchen, the business is making a new home in a permanent location. Pasta […]

Libby Hampel, Give MASU

Gift-Giving Genius: Libby Hampel’s New Company is Wrapped in Luxury

Photos by L.G. Patterson Libby Hampel is a surface pattern artist, an entrepreneur and someone who is making the planet a greener and more cheerful place. Not coincidentally, she has a lot in common with the eco-friendly gift-wrapping papers she designs, prints and sells through her online store at “MASU is playful, thoughtful and […]