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Despite the old superstition that rain on your wedding day means good luck, few couples long for wet weather to dampen their big day. Most just see the superstition as a lame attempt at consolation. These gorgeous rainy day wedding photos might just change some minds and have brides throwing kisses to the weatherman forecasting rain.

David Owens Photo-Graphy

While a cloudless, sunshiny day might sound ideal to couples, it can be nightmarish for photographers because of the harsh shadows and sun squints full sun brings. Cloud cover diffuses the light into a magical glow.

Art & Soul Photography

Speaking of glow, the reflection off wet surfaces also adds dazzle to photos. The shine from the rain transforms this drab alley into a scene of romance.

Lynsey Tedesco Photography

Reflections also allow for some amazing special effect shots!

Lynsey Tedesco Photography

Instead of bemoaning the rain, get out there and work it with some fun props, such as colorful umbrellas or rain boots. These give the photos an unexpected, whimsical appeal.

SilverBox Photographers

Rain also offers some extraordinary memories. Here, the groom is taking off his shoes to feel the wet grass beneath his feet.

SilverBox Photographers

Remember that climactic kiss in “The Notebook”? Rain absolutely imparts romance. Be daring and be rewarded with memorable, marvelous moments made more special by the rain.

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