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Wacky Critter Holidays To Celebrate In 2014

OK. The party’s over. The holidays have passed. We’ve eaten too much, drank a little more than usual and swiped the old Visa slick. So, now what?
Well, there’s still plenty to celebrate, and not just for you two-legged party animals. Now, you can include the four-legged family member. Just a quick glance at the calendar for the New Year reveals that there are more celebrations than you can shake a lamp shade or a shock collar at. So break out the noise makers and the party hats. Here’s what we’re going to be celebrating in 2014.
January gets it all started with National Dress Up Your Pet Day on January 14th. Why should you be the only one embarrassed by that tie that Uncle Skeeter left for you under the tree?
February is National Adopt a Rescue Rabbit month. Other notable celebrations will include National Dog Biscuit Day, February 23rd, and one of my favorites, National Polar Bear Day on the 27th. Probably best to celebrate that one a safe distance from the guest of honor.
March is both Dolphin Awareness Month and Adopt a Rescue Guinea Pig Month, so plan accordingly. Likewise, on the first of the month everyone can get together and party it up for National Pig Day, followed in two weeks by National Buzzard Day, which is highlighted by the annual return of that disgusting bird to beautiful downtown Hinckley, Ohio.
April brings showers, but it also brings us some of my favorite holidays. The first week is designated as “Scoop the Poop Week,” which is followed up a couple of weeks later by Don’t Step in Poop Day on the 25th. Dress is casual. Also celebrated is National Ferret Day on the 2nd and possibly the most curious day of the year, National Hairball Awareness Day on the 30th. No reservations required.
The first week of May, of course, is the annual Be Kind to Animals Week. But, not to be overlooked is Hug Your Cat Day on the 30th, Respect for Chickens Day on the 4th, and Save the Rhino Day on the 1st. Probably the highlight of the whole month is the big celebration in San Juan Capistrano, Calif., when they return again. No, not the swallows. That’s on March 15th. On May 29th everyone, with a strong stomach, gets together to celebrate the return of the slugs. Ughs.
June, of course, has the annual Take Your Dog to Work Day on the 22nd, as well as Donald Duck Day on the 9th. Probably less noteworthy but nonetheless a reason to celebrate is Dinosaur Day on the 1st, and Cordova Ice Worm Day on the 21st. You may want to Google that one.
July is relatively quiet. It has only one designation — National Dog House Repair Month.
August is similarly quiet with celebrations. The 26th is National Dog Day, as well as another excuse to party into the wee hours, National Sea Serpent Day. What the …?
September has only one verifiable celebration. National Dog Week is a weeklong extravaganza throughout the last week of the month.
The second week of October is National Squirrel Awareness Week. All motorists should be alert for short, furry picketers along the roadside. Later in the month, on the 16th, is National Feral Cat Day. Over the years various celebrations have been planned on this day only to be quashed when the guests of honor refused to sit at the head table.
November is simply designated as Senior Pet Month. At one time there was a movement to make it National Turkey Month, but the turkeys declined so as to deflect any more publicity than is usually accorded to them.
In December, the year winds up with a couple of holidays that should be near and dear to all pet owners, and parents. December 2nd is National Mutt Day, and the 15th is Cat Herding Day.
Happy New Year everybody. Party hard, but party smart.

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