Barbecue Essentials

 Nothing caps off a gathering like great food, and a barbecue is the quintessential summer event. Take a look at some of these cooking necessities and fire up the grill!

Portable Rapid Firestarter by Bison Airlighter, available at Rivermist Spas & Backyard Life ($99.95)
Hickory Hollar BBQ Sauce, available at Spicewine Ironworks ($3.75)
Hen-N-Hog Dust, available at Spicewine Ironworks ($4)
The BBQ Bible by Steven Raichlin and Ben Fink, available at Frameworks ($22.95)
Grill tongs by Big Green Egg, available at Rivermist Spas & Backyard Life ($20.95)
Olive apron, available at Frameworks ($19)

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