Intimate Is ‘In’

It seems everyone is connected through countless apps and social media websites to hundreds of people at any given time, so it comes as no surprise that many people want their wedding day to remain as intimate as possible. Even if the guest count doesn’t scream “intimate,” the ceremony and reception spaces can still be romantic, chic and cozy.

The beloved rustic wedding theme that fills every Pinterest and Facebook newsfeed imaginable is not going anywhere, but an intimate approach can be taken to create a unique and beautiful environment for small and large weddings alike.

As we all know, weddings are not just about the two people getting married. It is a day to celebrate with friends and family who have been a part of the couple’s journey. The celebration is about the guests, too, and their experience!

It only takes a few tricks to turn any wedding into an intimate, romantic and memorable experience — no matter the size.

According to, soft-glow lighting and well-thought-out seating arrangements are sure ways to create or add to an intimate atmosphere. Nobody wants to be trapped under harsh florescent lighting (that cruelly reveals every possible flaw), so many people, the website claims, are choosing to use pendant lights with bare bulbs, fairy lights or candelabras to light ceremony and reception spaces; hanging lights also add to a romantic, intimate feel. The ambience this lighting creates is an ideal way to create a cozy environment that wedding guests can feel comfortable in and enjoy.

To keep your reception space from resembling a conference room with large round tables, suggests using a combination of small square tables and long rectangular tables as a creative and preferred seating arrangement that allows for easier conversation between guests.

With romantic lighting and relaxed seating arrangements, couples can still go above and beyond to make sure their guests have an intimate wedding experience. recommends incorporating family-owned items, such as dishes or a vintage chandelier, to the décor. The website also suggests customizing table settings to include a photo of each invitee on table placement cards. Although this will take extra time, for both large and small weddings, it will leave guests feeling valued and loved by the couple, which is why they are attending!

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