A New View

Assignment: World Series

The Location: Wrigley Field

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to go see a baseball game at Wrigley Field in Chicago. I am not a Cubs fan. I just craved the experience of seeing a game in that stadium.

I was able to have that experience during this year’s World Series.

Walking into a vacant Wrigley the day before Game 3 to see the stadium was truly magical. I was immediately thrown back in time as I imagined the stadium seats full of men dressed in white shirts with ties, wearing fedoras, smoking cigars while cheering on their beloved Cubs.

For about 45 minutes I sat in seat 108 along the first base side and just soaked it in. I felt drawn to get a closer view of the ivy that grows on the outfield wall.

It was almost a religious experience. I felt like I should kneel as I approached or ask its permission before daring to touch a leaf.

Since it was late in the fall, the leaves were starting to turn but they were holding on tight until the end. Just like the Cubs did throughout the series.

Now, those leaves can relax their grip and enjoy some rest before next spring when it happens all over again. The only difference between next year and the previous 108 is that those leaves at Wrigley Field will be the backdrop to the World Champions.


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