Rosé the Day Away

The perfect spring sipping cocktail.

This bright and effervescent spring/summer cocktail was inspired by my love of rosé and the rich taste of Plymouth gin. I had been toying around with the idea of pairing the two together and after many different variations, I finally came up with this fun cocktail. A few of my other favorite ingredients really helped round it out including Aperol, watermelon and orange flower water bitters. I combined the watermelon and rosé to create a bright and juicy syrup and the Aperol helps balance out the sweetness with a touch of bitterness. Finally, a splash of Prosecco gives it that perfect amount of effervescence.

This cocktail is great for hanging out on the patio on a beautiful weekend night or in the comfort of your own home.













Maddy Melton is principal bartender at Flyover, where she has been inventing and mixing drinks since their opening.

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