Carla Leible

Making SMART Goals For Next Year

Have you ever tried an escape room? You know, the tiny rooms that groups of friends willingly lock themselves into in hopes of sniffing out clues, solving thought-provoking puzzles, and beating the hour-long clock in order to eventually break themselves free? These rooms are typically littered with frustratingly unspecific hints, making them very challenging. At […]


Hiring for Attitude

Whenever you’re sifting through resumes to hire for a new position, it’s often tough to weigh candidates who are more experienced and qualified against those who have a great attitude but not as many years in the profession. Hiring for attitude over experience is a strategy that smart companies employ, and more often than not, […]


Boost Employee Morale

Every employer wants his or her team to work well together. Working toward a shared goal is one of the best ways to encourage bonding between your employees. And sometimes, you just have to kick back and have fun to really get people to open up. From fun to competitive, and at a variety of […]


How To Be A Better Leader

Not all managers are great leaders. Some have the strengths to lead and rally employees while others are stronger when systematically executing plans. The key to being an effective manager is to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and use them accordingly. Business thrives when there is a balance between these two personality traits. While you […]