Colin LaVaute

A Tailgate to Remember

I was born the son of two hippie parents and raised on a farm in between Hallsville and Centralia. When I use the term “hippie,” I don’t mean it in the stereotypical drug-induced flower power way. My parents were social activists who saw things like professional sports as distractions from real issues that we needed […]


Rocheport’s Meriwether Café & Bike Shop

It was only minutes to midnight when a violent thunderstorm whipped its way through the small river town of Rocheport on June 17. Gale force winds tore through the village, ripping limb from root and sending the community into a blackout. While many in town slept through the storm, Brandon and Whitney Vair were far […]


Music Makers

Mike Dulak has been building mandolins for 22 years. Having spent decades playing in honky-tonks and clubs, he is a seasoned and grizzled musician with the chops to hang with any band you could put him with. Folks in Columbia might recognize some of his hilariously named (but blazingly talented) groups such as The Rank […]