Diana Lambdin Meyer

Your Best Valentine’s Ever

This piece was originally published in our February 2020 issue. Please check with the restaurants, stores or other places mentioned to see whether the offerings mentioned are available in February of 2022. I don’t remember what year it began. I just know that the strawberries were big and juicy and covered in chocolate. They were […]

Autumn Festivals

Cooler temperatures and low humidity combine to create perfect weather in mid-Missouri during September and October. Celebrate the bounties of the season with art shows and festivals. Whether you are looking for a new piece of art to brighten your home or office, or a pumpkin or a mum plant to embrace the season, there’s […]

Fulton Getaway

Fifty years ago, as most Baby Boomers were rocking to “Get Back,” the Beatles’ latest No. 1 hit, another British invasion was being celebrated in the central Missouri community of Fulton. That’s where the doors had just opened on the Winston Churchill Memorial at Westminster College, 23 years after one of the 20th century’s most […]

Table Rock Lake

Something unusual happens at Table Rock Lake and Indian Point Marina in January: People show up in their swimsuits, eager to get in the lake’s frigid waters. Of course, they first put on wetsuits and don oxygen tanks and other scuba gear, but indeed, Table Rock Lake is a popular destination in the Midwest for […]