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Best Of Columbia 2021

In honor of the 15th anniversary of Best of Columbia, let’s take a little trip down memory lane. In the first year of Best Of, our March 2007 issue, Sycamore won Best New Restaurant, Jim Riek won Best Male TV News Anchor and Gumby’s won Best Use of Ranch Dressing (shoutout to Pokey Stix)! And […]

Nature versus Nurture

After more than a year of being stuck at home, parents are finally venturing out and socializing with other adults. Babies certainly need quality time with their mothers and fathers — but they also need it with Mother Earth..

Victory Dance

What started as a tomato rescue project — yes, you read that right — in 2015 is now an heirloom seed and plant business providing Missourians..

Dueling DJs

Each issue, two on-air talents from two different Zimmer Radio Group stations will voice their opinions on what you might call a controversial topic. This issue, check out Liz’s and Jordan’s takes on where they go for the perfectly concocted cocktail.

Bluetail Medical Group

Learn more about regenerative medicine from Dr. Kristin Oliver, co-founder of Bluetail Medical Group, and Inside Columbia’s Thought Leader representing the Regenerative Medicine Industry. Bluetail offers a natural alternative to surgery and traditional pain management for patients with orthopedic injuries and chronic pain.

Peak Sport & Spine

Lindsay Bell, Mark Dempsey, Shelton Blevins and Taalor Stevenson share their knowledge on physical therapy and sports medicine as Inside Columbia’s Thought Leaders representing the Physical Therapy industry. Peak Sport & Spine is the largest privately owned outpatient physical therapy company in Missouri and is 100% therapist owned.

SOA Architecture

Learn more about building timelines and plans from SOA Architecture, Inside Columbia’s Thought Leader representing the commercial architecture industry. Hear from Jen Hedrick, president, and Brad Stegemann and Nick Borgmeyer, architects and associate principals, about how SOA has been helping Columbians with their buildings since 1987.

Liberty Family Medicine

Hear more about family medicine from Dr. Bridget Gruender, owner of Liberty Family Medicine and medical insurance from Jason Gruender, owner of Liberty Insurance Solution, both representing Inside Columbia’s Thought Leaders in the Family Medicine industry. Liberty Family Medicine and Liberty Insurance Solution together provide a unique cost-sharing approach to medical care that helps individuals […]

Robinson & Ries Orthodontics

Find out more about the Orthodontic Care industry from Robinson & Ries’ David Ries, Inside Columbia’s Thought Leader representing the Orthodontic Care industry. Robinson & Ries has been helping children and adults with their smiles for more than 31 years. 


Learn from Inside Columbia’s Thought Leader Craig Stichter, project executive of EnergyLink, representing the Renewable Energy industry. EnergyLink was founded in 2010 in Missouri and is an engineering, procurement and construction firm that installs renewable energy and energy efficiency products for commercial businesses and non-profits.

Inside Columbia’s Cutest Pet Contest 2021

Dueling DJs

Cosmo, Y107 G&D Pizzaria Columbia, Missouri is blessed with many delicious places to score the perfect slice of pie, but there is only one “Best Pizza In Columbia” and that is G&D Pizzaria. I picked G&D’s Greek style pizza because of the family atmosphere. G&D has been family owned and operated in CoMo for almost […]

Cover Models

What began as blue and white disposable fashion faux pas have now evolved into something more akin to seasonal statement pieces.

Slow Cooker Cocoa

Ingredients: 1 can sweetened condensed milk 1/3 cup cocoa powder 1 gallon of whole milk 1 bag semi-sweet chocolate chips 2 tablespoons vanilla extract Marshmallows for topping (optional) Whipped cream for topping (optional) Directions: Pour sweetened condensed milk into the bottom of a slow cooker, mix in cocoa powder. When well combined, add in the […]

Yesteryear: Looking Back at Boone County

This tornado went right through the streets of Columbia, devastating several stores and residences. According to the Missouri Climate Center, Missouri recorded a total of 65 tornadoes in 2010, the eighth highest on record since 1950. On average, the Show-Me State experiences slightly more than 30 tornadoes a year, with a little less than 50 […]

Back In The Game

Jan. 9, 2018, was a pretty good day for Missouri Tigers fans. It was the day that Drew Lock — native son, QB1, holder of the school and Southeastern Conference (SEC) records for single-season touchdown passes — decided the NFL could wait. He wanted to come back for his senior season in Columbia. This news, […]

Drew Lock Profile

In the visiting locker room of Reynolds Razorback Stadium, after nearly four hours of battle on the field, Lock found a moment of peace with Beckner and Coach Barry Odom. All three had done their parts to secure a 48-45 Missouri win over Arkansas, the Tigers’ third in the past four years over their rivals. […]

Jontay Porter Profile

Last summer, Jontay Porter was preparing for his senior year of high school. His family had moved back to Columbia from Seattle after the additions of his father, Michael, to Martin’s assistant coaching staff and his brother, Michael Jr., to the Tigers’ roster. Jontay faced a choice: maintain course and play his senior year of […]

Steak Savvy

Do you know your rib-eyes from your T-bones? Take our quiz to see how much of a steak connoisseur you are.      

Heather Brown

– PROMOTIONAL CONTENT –  Heather Brown began her military career being sworn into service by her mother, an active duty captain in the United States Army Reserve. Through her eight years, Brown worked as a Civil Affairs Specialist, taking on numerous responsibilities as she aimed to win the hearts and minds of foreign nationals. At […]