Madison Fleck

Diet 101

Losing weight doesn’t always mean eating healthy. A diet of carrots probably would lead to weight loss for a certain amount of time, but such a diet ultimately would result in nutrient deficiency and an unhealthy lifestyle. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a healthy lifestyle includes a balanced diet that emphasizes […]

Fitness Fads

The word “workout” makes me feel many emotions. I know it’s something I need to do to stay healthy, but it’s not something I usually enjoy. So, I’ll typically find a workout to get myself motivated and will be consistent for about two months; then I’ll find an excuse to miss one workout, which then […]

Cuisine Culture

A lime-green storefront on East Broadway pops against a sea of brick and tan buildings in downtown Columbia. The Herrera family opened Paleteria El Tajín, a Mexican ice cream shop, in August at 923 E. Broadway. Since moving to Columbia in 2006 from Veracruz, Mexico, the Herreras felt that the city was missing an authentic […]