Olivia DeSmit

Take Advantage of Mid-Missouri’s Sites & Sights

It seems like every year the leaves are only *just* right for about a week. They’re either not quite turned, or they’re brown. It can be so easy to miss that sweet spot.
To take full advantage of the sporadic nature of fall colors, consider going..

Troy Greer, Matt Williams, Caleb Colbert and Dianne Lynch

Addressing Columbia’s Assets

While most people know that the University of Missouri is the largest employer in Columbia, participants at the most recent CEO Roundtable took the importance of the education sector a step further. According to the 11 attendees, education is the most vital thing to improving Columbia’s future. But, the roundtable participants said, education doesn’t only […]

Children's Grove

Kindness in CoMo

Joyce Smith wholeheartedly believes that a single act of kindness can change a life. “You never know what people are going through,” Smith says. “When I moved to Columbia in 2013, I wanted to make a difference artistically. Through Children’s Grove’s projects and working with unbelievably kind people, I hope that I have.” Children’s Grove, […]

Introducing the Admire Awards

Although Inside Columbia features a local home tour in each issue of our magazine, we couldn’t help but feeling like the local building, architecture and interior design community deserved a little more recognition.

Mobile Meals

The 2019-2021 COVID crisis challenged area businesses like never before. But some crafty cooks opted to put the “pan” in pandemic and open food trucks. These relatively recent additions to our city’s cruising cuisine scene prove that movers and shakers — whether using salt, pepper, barbecue or Cajun seasoning — can prevail. Billy Hinson’s Old […]

A Man of Mystery

Local author Kevin Doyle is living a double life. But, unlike the characters in mystery and detective novels like the ones he writes, his second identity isn’t a secret.

A Transitional Retreat

  Whether you’ve been to Hockman Interiors or are a patient at Columbia Orthopaedic Group, chances are you’ve met one of the Hockmans. Sherry, owner of Hockman Interiors, and David, a surgeon at the orthopaedic group, have lived in Columbia for more than 17 years – all in the same home. Their home was actually […]