Food Truck Switches Gears

Sometimes the best things in life start out in a whirlwind of chaos. Such is the story of the Ozark Mountain Biscuit Company. Flashback to August 2013: The truck’s production is behind schedule with the manufacturer in Florida, but…


Tacos are taking the country by soft-shelled storm. Whether you prefer yours atop a corn tortilla or tricked out with all the toppings, Columbia’s Mexican food scene is nothing to shake a side of salsa at.

2021 Cutest Pet Winners

For the second year, we went searching for the most adorable animals in Columbia. We received entries in the form of dozens of dogs, a cache of cats and a passel of pets to populate our unique pet

Catch of the Day

After Katfish Katy’s closed at the end of 2020, employees, customers and frequenters of the Missouri river scene alike lamented. But, this spring, hope emerged in the form of mother-and-son team Vanessa and Jake Leitza. Katfish Katy’s…

Forward Focus

The beginning of the new decade didn’t go the way anyone had expected, with the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on both small and large businesses, as well as consumers. With 2020 officially in the rearview mirror, local leaders are…

Brunch Bunch

We are big believers that brunch is not a specific type of food or a set hour, but rather a mental state. Any remotely breakfast-themed item can be deemed brunch if eaten before 2 p.m. at a leisurely pace and with more enjoyment than you…

Gift Ideas

GIFTS FOR THE BABIES & TODDLERS IN YOUR LIFE Who doesn’t like to shop for this age group? Keep an eye out for educational items — such as this book that explains why grandparents can’t hug during the COVID-19 pandemic. Consider

Finding Humor in Aging

JILL ORR'S NEWEST RELEASE EXAMINE INTERGENERATIONAL ALCHEMY. Jill Orr, formerly solely a mystery-genre writer, decided to step out of her comfort zone this fall and launch a new humor non-fiction gift book, How Not to Be Old (Even

Holiday Spirits

Since March, bars and restaurants have been scrambling to pivot their food and drink offerings into pandemic-friendly options. One such “invention” is the to-go cocktail.You can go to your favorite restaurant or bar and pick up a delicious

Natural Immunity

Whether you’re concerned about catching the flu, a common cold, or the more-feared COVID-19 this fall and winter, there are preventative measures you can take to promote a healthy immune system.

Style Setters

When it comes to personal style, everyone has their own unique take on fashion trends and ways to make popular looks their own. We asked our readers and followers who they thought were the most fashionable people in Columbia and narrowed…

Adam & Eve Meet 2020

A book of prose poems that was first imagined and contributed to over 15 years ago is now coming to fruition. Mid-Missourian Walter Bargen, one of Missouri’s former poet laureates, is publishing his 24th book this August. The prose…

Re-Envisioned Ramen

Ocha Ramen, a ramen and noodle restaurant on Grindstone Parkway, opened its doors this summer and offers authentic Thai-inspired ramen dishes. Owner Sittiporn Kanthabanjong, who goes by Jenny, has lived in Columbia for four years and…

Pivot Professionals

Many Columbia businesses were on track for a record-breaking year — until this March, when the first COVID case was reported in Boone County. Health officials imposed a stay-at-home order and closed businesses deemed non-essential, such as…

Upscale Upgrades

A quaint unmanned guardhouse at each entrance signals that you’ve arrived at Arrowhead Lake Estates, a development that began in the 1990s and was originally 265 acres. Seven lots have been added to the neighborhood within the past five…

Spruce-Up Specifics

Chances are if you self-isolated because of COVID-19, you had a good, long look at your home’s interior. If you’ve found some things that need to be updated, you’re not the only one. “I’ve gotten calls from clients saying they’ve had a…