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Grandma Vegas

Dancers need costumes, and at Missouri Contemporary Ballet, the woman in charge of creating those costumes is Barbara Smith. Find out why she took on this volunteer role — despite being less than passionate about sewing.

Riding High

Riding High Two local horse riders, Liz Hotchkiss and Bill Wise, earn a national honor from the Dressage Foundation. Their dressage stories show there’s no one way to fall in love with this most graceful of equestrian sports.

Tell Me About It

Tell Me About It Inside Columbia’s Prime introduces our new advice columnist, Angel Donnette Robertson. In this first edition, she shares tips for grandparents who want to help grandchildren coping with a divorce.

Diving Back In

Your Bucket List Tracey Berry and Ray Legg went scuba diving on their honeymoon in 1983 and then didn’t go again for 27 years, loved it and decided to celebrate their 30th anniversary with a dream trip.