Lisa Finn Powell Author Event

Lisa Finn Powell will be returning to Columbia on November 9 to present her book, “The Thin Time,” a poignant memoir of a journey through grief. The event will begin at Skylark Bookshop at 7  p.m.

Born and raised in the USA, Lisa spent two decades living and working in London and is now happily ensconced in Australia. She has a media background as an author, creative director, humour columnist, reporter, copywriter, producer, editor, voice-over talent, on-air personality, speaker and workshop leader. Her writing focuses on lifestyle, food, art, travel, grief, education, birth, parenting and immigration. Her articles and columns have been published on-line and in newspapers and magazines around the world.

Lisa Finn Powell was the mother of four young children when her world unraveled after the death of her husband from a mysterious toxic brain injury. To her shock, she discovered that they did not have any life insurance, mortgage protection or money in the savings account and were heavily in debt. “The Thin Time” is an unflinchingly raw account of a journey through grief across three continents. As she struggled to redefine herself, build a new life for her family and come to terms with the way in which he died, she discovered a way to reconcile the unpredictability of life and death, by accepting whichever way the wind blows. Her moving story of loss, fear, forgiveness and nature, will give hope to those who read it.