Manzo’s Wood-Fired Pizza

Most popular item: Voodoo Chicken Pizza
Favorite event: The Central Missouri Renaissance Fair

The idea for Manzo’s Pizza food trailer came from a brainstorming session with a business partner, says Aaron Saeler, co-owner of Manzo’s Pizza.

“We never meant to do it; we just did it,” Saeler says.

Saeler likes old world, Napoli style pizza and knew he wanted to do something different with the food truck. “I’ve never seen an enclosed trailer with a brick and clay oven in it, so I decided that would be a great idea,” he says. He also wanted to offer something from a food truck that is a little healthier than fried food.

The biggest challenge with owning a food truck is finding locations and events that work well, Saeler say. His favorite part is the excitement of the unknown. “When you go into a new venue, you aren’t for sure what is exactly going to happen; I really like the speed of it.”

The menu inspiration came from Saeler. Co-owner Aaron Jurgensmeyer helped come up with the names. The food trailer is named after Jurgensmeyer, Saeler says. “Manzo means ‘beef’ in Italian, and that’s his nickname.”


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