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Eats And Art

Tellers in Columbia, MO// // // // // // // “The spot was open and it was a little bit of the right space at the right time,” Rust says.The two opened Tellers Gallery and Bar in May 1998. Since then,

Moving Pictures

As a teenager, Nermina Selimovic daydreamed of traveling to a different country — anywhere other than her home in the small village of Srebrenica in Bosnia. Her wishes would come true, but she never could have foreseen the horrific…

Cancer Crusader

Twelve-year-old Cameron McGeorge swings an empty milk jug in his left hand, explaining that he’ll use it to make an African mask in his social studies class the next day. His face is animated as he talks about forming an elephant trunk from…

Fun Activities For Kids

'Tis the season for school breaks. Kids look forward to time off with great anticipation but can find all the free time hard to fill up. And bored kids have two favorite devices: whining and getting into mischief, neither of which tends to…