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Crumb One, Crumb All

First-time franchisees Beverly and Chad Davis have brought a taste of Utah sweetness to Columbia. Crumbl Cookies opened in the Broadway Market Place in November. The Columbia location will offer more than 120 specialty cookies, staple

Inspiring in Nature

Gloria Gaus Draws on a Lifelong Love to Launch Her Second Act Art Off the Trail, Gloria Gaus’ new studio and art gallery, is — as the name implies — only a few blocks from the Katy Trail in Rocheport. She can be found there on Fridays

Winter Blues?

For years, I’ve wanted to visit Lamar Valley in the winter, especially to see wolves. Located in the remote northeast corner of Yellowstone National Park, the Lamar Valley is America’s version of the Serengeti. Or soI’ve read. And Montana

Working with Wood

Starting as a complete amateur six years ago, Jeff Glenn had no tools, no workshop and no background in woodworking. What he did have was a desire to learn how to craft furniture. And that is exactly what he did — out of oak, cherry and…

Hiking Haven

If you’re visiting the Bitterroot Valley in Montana, hiking Kootenai Creek Trail #53 is a must. This green oasis of a forested hike travels next to Kootenai Creek for a good part of the journey. My husband Alan and I hike this trail as…

Setting a Table with Style

Are you looking for fresh ideas to update your dining room table? Here are three concepts to inspire you to take your table to the next level, whether it’s an average weeknight dinner or a festive dinner feast. Remember that your table…

Watts Up with E-Bikes?

E-bikes (electric bikes) are everywhere. More people are riding them along the streets and trails of Columbia than ever before. But it’s a hidden trend. Spotting an e-bike on the move is tough because e-bikes look just about the same as…

Ready for a Road Trip

Natural Bridges National Monument, located 35 miles west of Blanding, definitely qualifies as a hidden gem in southeastern Utah and a fun American Southwest adventure. The national monument offers hiking opportunities to three sandstone…