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Ukatsu: More Than Fun And Videogames

Joe Chee and Ben Brooks are co-owners of Ukatsu, a Columbia business that is not at all what it seems to be. The dozen large-screen computer stations lining the walls of their business at 1413 Grindstone Plaza Drive give it the appearance…

Great Gift Ideas

For those who are shopping for the person who already has everything, we’ve compiled a list of local gifts that might just help you out this holiday season. Or send this list to someone who might be trying to buy for you.

Making SMART Goals For Next Year

Have you ever tried an escape room? You know, the tiny rooms that groups of friends willingly lock themselves into in hopes of sniffing out clues, solving thought-provoking puzzles, and beating the hour-long clock in order to eventually…

Five Women, Four Businesses, One Trend

There is no single profile that fits all female business owners. Why should there be? Business knows no gender. It’s a trait that springs from the mind, spirit and experience. The five women who are profiled in this issue of CEO do have one…