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brook harlan,spaghetti,meatballs,spaghetti and meatballs,recipe,food,diiner,chef,cook,culinary,como,columbia,missouri,inside columbia,flavor,italian,family,family favorite

A Family Favorite

Spaghetti and meatballs are synonymous with kids being happy about what’s for dinner. “Mom, can I go over to Johnny’s house for dinner tonight? They’re having spaghetti and meatballs!” Why? Because they are delicious. Maybe Johnny had a Nonna that passed down the recipe or maybe a mother or father that tinkered with it for […]

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It’s A Go(-Go)!

Photos by L.G. Patterson Opening a vegan food truck wasn’t exactly Gina Overshiner’s dream. Initially, she had a far less grand goal: She planned to peddle — or rather pedal — her fare from a vegan food bike. In fall 2018, she started talking to her friend Leigh Lockhart, owner of Main Squeeze, about starting […]

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The R.I.G.H.T Exercise Program

It’s the time of year where you’re bombarded with ads for local gyms, infomercials that promise to get you in the best shape of your life and commercials touting effortless weight loss. With countless exercise programs out there, how do you know if yours is the right one? This is a challenging question, one that could […]

environment,environmental,green,ecofriendly,clean refill,Leah Christian,como,columbia,Missouri,plastic,single-use plastic,cleaning,bath,beauty,landfill,recycle,recycling,business,carbon footprint,clean,inside columbia

Making a Green Start

Photos by L.G. Patterson Editor’s note: This article was updated in March 2023 with new information on The Clean Refill. Leah Christian has always been a bit of an environmentalist. It was something she always had an interest in thanks to her parents, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Christian has […]

Joyce Ann Designs,Joyce Smith,Jill Graham,Steve Graham,home tour,renovation,interior design,grayscale,sanctuary,black-and-white,como,columbia,missouri,inside columbia

Creating a Grayscale Sanctuary

Photos by L.G. Patterson When it came time to renovate their home, Steve and Jill Graham saw the perfect opportunity to make their home feel more like their sanctuary. The couple wanted to make the home feel more like an extension of their personality, so Joyce Smith of Joyce Ann Designs got to work on […]

Begim Tokhirjonova,Dylan Frazier,Ariel Schachtman,Gulrukhbegim Tokhirjonova,pickleball,chess,art,como,youth,professional,grandmaster,woman grandmaster,Mizzou,Columbia,missouri,university of Missouri,hickman,Hickman high school,Mizzou chess team,world pickleball rankings,uzbekistan,visual art,women's chess,champion,championship

Making Their Mark

Photos by L.G. Patterson For most of us, high school and college were times of fun and friends, exploration and excitement, monumental moments and massive mistakes. While the same may be said for Dylan Frazier, Begim Tokhirjonova and Ariel Schachtman, these three young Columbians have also filled their formative years with dedication. Whether it’s spending […]

Hanging the Stockings with Personality

Photo by L.G. Patterson   The holidays are filled with so many wonderful traditions, but there’s something special about hanging that Christmas stocking. So the Inside Columbia staff decided to put our best twists on one of this year’s hot holiday trends – linen stockings. We picked up some plain linen stockings at Hobby Lobby […]

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Chefs Off-Shift

You’d think the last thing chefs want to think about once they’re off their kitchen clocks is food. And you’d be partly right: Turns out the local toques featured in our Foodie Four each have a different culinary creation or gastronomic go-to that they like to whip up once they’re home post-shift. We asked each […]

David Russell,Columbia College,Board of Trustees,president,Military Affiliated Benefit program,future,education,Talent Development Program,leadership,como,columbia,missouri,inside columbia

Focusing on The Future

In September, the Columbia College Board of Trustees named Dr. David Russell the college’s 18th president.

Shakespeare’s Pizza,Small Pond,Columbia,como,Missouri,movie,film,Sidewalk Film Festival,McNally’s Irish Pub,Josh Slates,Kim Sherman,Kirsten Straub,Jay Sparks

Small Pond

Photos By Karen Johnson In the opening scene of “Small Pond,” a full-length movie, a young woman wakes up groggy, wearing her pajamas, an oversized T-shirt. As she shakes off her slumber and hangover, she seems indifferent to the young, slovenly man who obviously spent the night with her. “Last night was awesome,” gushes the […]

Younger than Springtime

The Cupid who targets middle-aged and older adults may be gray-haired and a bit out of shape, but he’s still a good shot.

Coley’s to close

Coley’s American Bistro, 15 S. 6th St., has announced plans to permanently close after Saturday, Nov. 13. In a Facebook post Wednesday night, owners Brian and Kerri Coley said it was “a bittersweet decision but it is the right one for us.” “Throughout the pandemic, we have been strongly supported by our community,” the post […]


Sophie Cunningham usually knows better than to pay attention to the chatter on social media, but following Missouri’s loss at South Carolina on Jan. 28, she couldn’t help herself. This was three weeks after Gamecocks fans started calling her a “dirty” player during the Tigers’ home win over South Carolina. It was in the days […]

The Daniel Boone Little League softball team

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

Talk about winning one for the home team. The Daniel Boone Little League (DBLL) softball team took home a history-making third place win in the Little League World Series this past August. “We’re the first softball team in the State of Missouri to ever make the Little League World Series (LLWS),” says Nick Britton, the […]

Take Advantage of Mid-Missouri’s Sites & Sights

It seems like every year the leaves are only *just* right for about a week. They’re either not quite turned, or they’re brown. It can be so easy to miss that sweet spot.
To take full advantage of the sporadic nature of fall colors, consider going..

Making it in Music City

For hopeful country artists, Nashville is the place to make or break a career. For several mid-Missouri natives, Nashville was the next step in their natural progression as a singer, songwriter, and musician. From performing on countless stages in Music City to strumming guitar strings, and pulling heartstrings on their albums, these mid-Missouri natives are […]

Troy Greer, Matt Williams, Caleb Colbert and Dianne Lynch

Addressing Columbia’s Assets

While most people know that the University of Missouri is the largest employer in Columbia, participants at the most recent CEO Roundtable took the importance of the education sector a step further. According to the 11 attendees, education is the most vital thing to improving Columbia’s future. But, the roundtable participants said, education doesn’t only […]

Mike Alden

More Than Good Sports

Former University of Missouri Athletic Director Mike Alden and Rockie, his wife, have moved on. Although Columbia remains their home and they still live within walking distance of the Mizzou Arena, they live their lives in a far larger arena. They’re the same approachable couple, unaffected by their years as university celebrities. Anchored to Columbia […]

An elegant picnic setting

No Packing Required

From a baby shower to a romantic proposal or birthday gathering, Andrea Lyn Events is creating pop-up picnics throughout Columbia. For Andrea Lyn Seppo, the idea of pop-up picnics first came about from watching episodes of the “The Bachelor” television series. The beautiful settings, attention to detail and romantic setting was inspirational. “I really fell […]

Josh Ryan of Clear 99 and Stephanie Bell of 93.9 The Eagle

Fun and Games

Each issue, two on-air talents from two different Zimmer Communications’ stations will voice their opinions on what you might call a controversial topic. This issue, check out Josh Ryan’s and Stephanie’s takes on the best kids’ activity in mid-Missouri.