Help My House

Help My House

You’ve saved and researched, and now you finally have your very own home. It’s a dream come true! At least until the first problem arises. Often, becoming a homeowner can feel like taking on a never-ending to-do list of up keep and improvements.

But you’re far from alone. There are many local businesses ready and eager to help make your house the home you want it to be.

From painting and custom upgrades to landscaping and internet options, these local businesses are sharing their tips and tricks to make your next project a success. Use the information provided in the links below to ensure your house is the dream home you’ve always wanted.

Of course, if you still need help, you can rely on each of the businesses highlighted in this advertising section for a wide variety of home services.

So the next time you’re looking at that never-ending to-do list, don’t panic. Just remember Inside Columbia’s Help My House.

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Projects for an Interior Handyman

Editor’s Note: The following content is a paid advertorial. Whether you’ve been in your home for a month, a year or a decade, there are plenty of projects waiting for your attention. From drywall repair to room renovations, no matter what you’re taking on, there’s an expert within reach to make the task at hand that much

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Disaster strikes

Ways to Avoid House Disasters

Editor’s Note: The following content is a paid advertorial. Living in Missouri, we get hit hard by each season, from severe cold to sweltering heat and everything in between. This year, be prepared year-round to help avoid some of the home disasters that can come your way, regardless of weather. As we approach summer, remember not to

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Hatton Vermeer Sales

Looking for Landscape Equipment?

Editor’s Note: The following content is a paid advertorial. Looking for landscape equipment can be a daunting task, especially for beginners. How do you know what to choose? What if it’s the wrong equipment for your needs? Depending on what task you are trying to complete, you will need a different piece of equipment. For lawn care, investing

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A house

Taking the Intimidation Out of the Home-Buying Process

Editor’s Note: The following content is a paid advertorial. The home-buying process can be intimidating with all of the moving parts involved. To help ease the stress, it’s important to find experts with experience and a wealth of knowledge to help you get started on your journey. Whether you need a construction loan or a second

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Kitchen upgrade

Personalizing Your Next Upgrade

Editor’s Note: The following content is a paid advertorial. Choosing to upgrade items in your home should be an enjoyable process. Whether you’re designing your dream kitchen or elevating your existing bathroom, the first step is the same across the board: making an appointment for a one-on-one personal consultation with an expert. Having a dedicated sales consultant

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Lombardo Homes

Why Buy New?

Editor’s Note: The following content is a paid advertorial. When it comes to purchasing a home, there are a variety of reasons to build a new home instead of buying an existing home, from customization options to energy efficiency. Here are five great reasons to build new: CUSTOMIZATION. The most appealing part about building your own home is customization.

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Photo by Mary Click Photography

Top Remodeling Tips for 2023

Editor’s Note: The following content is a paid advertorial. Remodeling your home is an important investment. So, having a clear goal and a defined action plan can help you get the most from your renovation. Here are a few tips that can help: Do some research. Select images from magazines, websites or social media to give your

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Setting the AC

What do I do if My HVAC Goes Out?

Editor’s Note: The following content is a paid advertorial. The heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit in your home is responsible for controlling the temperature, humidity and purity of the air. So, if it goes out, it seems pretty natural to panic first. But there are steps you can take to help. The first thing to do

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Curb appeal

How to Increase Curb Appeal

Editor’s Note: The following content is a paid advertisement.  It can be tough to know where to start when looking to improve the curb appeal of your home. But Hatton Vermeer Sales can help provide the guidance and products needed to make the process much smoother. There are lots of small things that can be done to

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Selecting the Right Contractor

Editor’s Note: The following content is a paid advertorial. When building a home from the ground up, there are a lot of things to consider. The first step is to select a contractor, which requires a lot of trust when dealing with your dream home. It is important to choose someone who has demonstrated ability in

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