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springtime color palette

Spruce Up Your Home With This Springtime Color Palette

Nature reminds us to ground ourselves, find peace and tranquility as well as rejuvenation. It’s difficult to do in our ever-busy world. So if you can’t find as much time outside this spring, why not bring the colors of outside … in? With the help of Jaclyn Rogers, the color consultant at Ai Painting Plus, […]

Sherie Rodekohr makes a floral arrangement.

Creating Your Own Floral Arrangement

Photos by L.G. Patterson Nothing freshens up a space quite like fresh flowers. Whether it’s a centerpiece meant to grab attention or a simple tableside arrangement to add a pop of color, flowers can make all the difference in any room. Sherie Rodekohr has spent her entire career in horticulture, with more than 30 years teaching […]

A home Tiger tailgate party.

5 Tips for a Terrific Tiger Tailgate

Photos by L.G. Patterson With the start of football season comes the perfect time to throw a great tailgate party to cheer on our own Mizzou Tigers. So we asked Andrea Lyn Seppo of Andrea Lyn Events to help us come up with your guide to hosting a great tailgate party this season — right in […]


Growth Spurt: How to Pick the Best Early Season Produce

Photos by L.G. Patterson One of the best things about late spring/ early summer is the abundance of fresh seasonal produce. But picking — no pun intended — the top of the crop requires some savvy. We asked several local resources for tips on how to select the best early season bounty or successfully cultivate […]

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Creating a Grayscale Sanctuary

Photos by L.G. Patterson When it came time to renovate their home, Steve and Jill Graham saw the perfect opportunity to make their home feel more like their sanctuary. The couple wanted to make the home feel more like an extension of their personality, so Joyce Smith of Joyce Ann Designs got to work on […]

Hanging the Stockings with Personality

Photo by L.G. Patterson   The holidays are filled with so many wonderful traditions, but there’s something special about hanging that Christmas stocking. So the Inside Columbia staff decided to put our best twists on one of this year’s hot holiday trends – linen stockings. We picked up some plain linen stockings at Hobby Lobby […]

Josh Garton's Kitchen

Industrial Ingenuity

Not many young adults would trade in all – or almost all – their spare time to work on a house, but that is exactly what Josh Garton did for five years. The young bachelor in his 20s logged countless hours during evenings and on weekends tackling a whole-home renovation while teaching himself the necessary […]

Introducing the Admire Awards

Although Inside Columbia features a local home tour in each issue of our magazine, we couldn’t help but feeling like the local building, architecture and interior design community deserved a little more recognition.

Feels Like Home

Most people hire an interior designer when they want to freshen up their home, or when they’re designing a new one. But for Deanna and Milt Harper, it was to allow Milt, who had developed mobility problems after becoming ill in 2014, to stay in the home they had built in 1990 in the Grasslands.

A Transitional Retreat

  Whether you’ve been to Hockman Interiors or are a patient at Columbia Orthopaedic Group, chances are you’ve met one of the Hockmans. Sherry, owner of Hockman Interiors, and David, a surgeon at the orthopaedic group, have lived in Columbia for more than 17 years – all in the same home. Their home was actually […]

Placid Paradise

Jeremy Spillman readily admits that early last year, when his family first floated the idea of putting in a pool, it held zero appeal. He didn’t want the maintenance hassles or upkeep costs. Nor was he eager to spend money on something

Bring On Spring

Fresh Takes For Décor You’ll Adore.

Unique Antique

As a former art history professor, and now adjunct at the University, Julie Plax has a great appreciation for the ancient and the antiquated. It was this love that led her after many years to purchase one of Columbia’s oldest homes — and discover the personal connections the home seems to weave together throughout time. […]

Making Old Things New

HOMES TELL STORIES ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN THEM — their struggles and their triumphs. They tell of quiet moments and loud celebrations, of dreams that come to life and others that are lost without warning. OUR HOUSE — specifically our new addition — tells all this and more. Its story is one of […]

An Attic Alteration

Kaitlyn & Will Schlacks decided to revamp their attic space in 2019 from insulation and rafters to a beautiful second living space with rooms for their two daughters, ages 6 and 12.

pumpkins that are stacked

A Mid-Missouri Thanksgiving

You can get most of your Thanksgiving meal ingredients from local farmers right here in mid-Missouri. And while we all enjoy the entire meal at Thanksgiving, let’s be honest: The best part is always the pie. 

Upscale Upgrades

A quaint unmanned guardhouse at each entrance signals that you’ve arrived at Arrowhead Lake Estates, a development that began in the 1990s and was originally 265 acres. Seven lots have been added to the neighborhood within the past five years, bringing the total now to 300 acres. There are 40 private lots. This home, built […]

Spruce-Up Specifics

Chances are if you self-isolated because of COVID-19, you had a good, long look at your home’s interior. If you’ve found some things that need to be updated, you’re not the only one. “I’ve gotten calls from clients saying they’ve had a chance to look around and evaluate changes in their home’s design,” Ed Rohlfing, […]

Grow Ahead!

An herb’s essence is a powerful thing: The scent of thyme can transport a hungry Midwesterner to the Mediterranean; one whiff of cilantro might send another to the tropics. Herbs’ power extends well beyond the dinner table, but most people use them for cooking, either dried or fresh, home-grown or bought from a local grocery […]

Right At Home

Back when Columbia was founded in 1821, (after initially being founded as Smithton in 1819 at a site nearby) there wasn’t really such a thing as a “neighborhood.” People just lived where they worked — either in the city or outside of it. Neighborhoods eventually sprang up in both areas, with many being built around […]