Final Word

First-Time Homebuyers Suffer From Lack of City’s Foresight

As a community, we’ve been giving a lot of lip service to the idea of affordable housing for much of the last 30 years. Those who speak most often of the shortage are usually doing so for political purposes, offering few solutions that could make any kind of a difference. In reality, there’s very little […]

Mayor’s Priorities Neglect Town’s Most Pressing Needs

This is our 30th year of publishing magazines in Columbia. For three decades, we’ve chronicled the good and bad times experienced as our small, sleepy college town has evolved into a tiny metropolis with all the perks — and all the troubles — of a much larger city. Through our magazines and events, we’ve done […]

Workforce Issues Only Getting Worse

As you will read in this issue of Inside Columbia, we hosted another CEO Roundtable Luncheon last month. At these semi-annual luncheons we invite local community leaders to have a candid conversation with the magazine’s leadership team about Columbia’s current state of affairs and their concerns for the future of our community. In addition to the topics of […]

Police car

Our Next Police Chief

The early retirement of Columbia Police Chief Geoff Jones is a significant loss and setback for our community. Jones, a Columbia native who came up through the ranks of the Columbia Police Department, accomplished a great deal during his tenure. His efforts to change the culture of the department, raise employee morale and improve communication lines with […]

Melody Parry

Faith, Family, Friends

On May 23, 2023, I lost my best friend and co-conspirator with the passing of Inside Columbia magazine’s publisher Melody Garnett Parry. We had been married for 30 years and her absence is deeply felt. Beyond the loss felt by myself and our two sons, our community has lost a great leader and an exuberant […]

The Loss of Civility

I remember growing up in the 1970s and watching the popular “Point/ Counterpoint” segment that would run every Sunday evening at the end of the “60 Minutes” television broadcast. Over the course of three short minutes, Shana Alexander and James J. Kilpatrick would debate the issues of the day. As a kid, I thought that the […]

Is CPS a Sinking Ship?

According to its website, the core values of Columbia Public Schools are trust, integrity, collaboration, transparency, empathy and grace. Oddly enough, in recent months, school district administrators along with a handful of school board members have failed miserably to exemplify any of the six values to which they claim to ascribe. In fact, CPS Superintendent Brian […]

Boone County courthouse

A Growing Concern: Rethinking Crime and Punishment in Boone County

In the aftermath of November’s general election, it became very clear that voters in Boone County as well as those around the entire United States were essentially worried about two things: the economy and crime. In a community that relies on a major university and state government as the bedrock of its economic strata, most economic concerns […]