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A New View: Centennial History

By L.G. Patterson
old photo of a model T in downtown columbia

Assignment: Centennial History Exhibit – 100 Years, 100 Objects
The Location: Boone County History & Culture Center

Comments: I could look at historical photos of Columbia and Boone County all day. I enjoy seeing how things have changed as I study the image to recognize iconic landmarks.

While photographing the Centennial History Exhibit I noticed a mural on the wall of the buildings on 8th and Broadway. I stepped back to try and as I tried to decipher which building was featured in the mural.

As I looked over the hood of Bill Crawford’s 1925 Model T, I briefly traveled back in time to a world that was all black and white.

The person who took that photo probably had no idea it would become a historical document of life in downtown Columbia and found in an exhibit.

It makes me wonder if anyone will be looking in the future at the photos I take today and get nostalgic.

I’m guessing I will never find out.

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