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Axe-ellent Challenge: Whose Throw Will Be Axe-traordinary?

By Zola Heck
dueling djs axe style

Photos by L.G. Patterson

In each issue, multiple on-air talents from Zimmer Communications’ stations take on a seemingly simple challenge to see who comes out on top. In this issue, Scotty from Clear 99 and Brian Hauswirth from 93.9 The Eagle went to Midway Golf & Games to compete in an axe-throwing competition.


Two DJs went on a journey out of the office to face off in an axe-throwing challenge. The goal was easy; in each of the three rounds each DJ just needed to hit the target. The DJ who hits the target the most in each round will come out victorious.


Scotty came into the game ready to take on the axe-iting game. While Brian was a little nervous at first, he looked forward to the challenge and was ready to give it everything he had.


The game began with the contenders feeling confident. Both DJs felt as if this challenge would be easy. Well, both contestants were humbled quite quickly when it began to take many … many tries to get the axe to hit the target. In round one, after attempting to hit the target several times, both Scotty andBrian were finally able to get points on the board. In round two, once again it felt like more of a challenge between the axe and the board rather than a duel with each other. But again after many attempts, the DJs finally hit the target. With only one round left, and the score in need of someone to take the lead, both DJs took their time to get more points on the board. Brian went first. He put the axe behind his head and with one mighty throw, managed to hit the target, scoring three points. While that was one heck of a throw, Scotty came in with the ultimate throw, hitting the bull’s-eye and ending the game with five more points. This put Scotty in the lead, making him the ultimate axe-throwing champion.

dueling djs axe style


Scotty: “It’s a lot tougher than it looks. We have video proof that it took us probably 200 throws apiece to get a couple of them, but it is pretty and satisfying once it goes in.”

Brian: “It looks a lot easier on TV, and it’s exhausting. I could probably write 100 news stories and not be as tired as I am right now, without question.”

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