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GP M.A.D.E. GolfTournament

By Zola Heck

Coach Gary Pinkel’s GP M.A.D.E. Foundation hosted the 6th Annual Par3 Golf Tournament at OldHawthorne where more than 250 people came to support the cause.Hundreds of thousands of dollars were raised to support children battling cancer, breaking disability barriers and overcoming social and economic challenges.

Photos by: Nancy Toalson and Wally Pfeffer,

dsc 2530
Brian Burks, Glen Robertson, Dave Teel, Jason Rode, Tim Paulson
dsc 2538
Jeremy Maclin, Sean Witherspoon, D Alexander, Kevin Rutland, Chase Coffman, Martin Rucker
dsc 2540
David Townsend, Rick Pierce, Brad Goessling, Jim Van Horn, Bob Clinkenbeard, Drew Lewis
dsc 2542
Steve Vincent, Tom Siebenman, John Keely, Bob Malecek, Charlie Hildebrand, Kirby Greteman
dsc 2552
Matt Moore, Drew Smith, Mike Hackmann, Joe Miller, Jason Hoffman, Matt Schwart
dsc 2554
Jeff Glenn, Durk Price, John Pfenenger, Craig Simon, John Thomspon, Bob Bynum
inside columbia,como,midmo,central mo,missouri,mid-missouri,columbia,golf tournament,golf,GP M.A.D.E Golf Tournament,GP M.A.D.E.,golfing,tournament
Tony Grove, Tom Scheunmeyer, Ron Netemeyer, Jill Harper, Jeff Pope, Bobby Atkisson

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